We’ve been pretty vocal about what we want to see at plus and curvy events. From Miami Curves Week to The Curvy Con and everything in between. We’ve even created our own calendar so that you can keep up with some of the events we’re getting involved with like Living Large Chicago and Sarah Sapora’s Body + Love Workshop! We’ve recently partnered with Curves Inc. to support some more of their evening and weekend events! We couldn’t ask for more receptive peeps to push plus positivity around the universe (so many “p”s! my goodness!

Well, we’ve decided to do something different! And, we’re taking it super seriously. Because business means business! And, networking means networking… and your self love is super important. Introducing…. The “Love Yourself” Weekend (more on our week at sea in a separate article)

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we thought we’d take some time for us! Working with career and professional mentors is a great way to fall back in love with you! We spend so much time serving others and looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right for cold winter nights…

When was the last time you fed your mind? Your soul? Your career?

The “Love Yourself” weekend is about more than feeling good, today. It’s about knowing what you want MOST and putting it before what you want NOW. You, your career, your growth, your network, and your life.

Our Agenda is below. And you can find some more details HERE. But, what’s really important to note is what this weekend is all about.

This is a FEMALE ONLY event (with minor exceptions for males who own or work in legitimate plus positive businesses) until Saturday Night when we have our “Winter Wrap Up Party.”

Here’s what’s going down!

Before the event, VIP guests will have the opportunity to take a free personality assessment sponsored by Aider Solutions. You’ll receive a customized personality profile as part of your goodie bag!

On Friday, we will arrive at the Marriott Marquis (rooms at one of the most popular hotels in the world are only $219 a night this weekend… that is a RIDICULOUSLY INEXPENSIVE rate). We will start with a one hour cocktail reception where you will do some speed networking! Then, party the night away in our reserved space, overlooking Times Square!

Saturday is FULL of plus positive activities. We have a “Plus Positive Brunch and Power Panel” with three amazing speakers (we’re still finalizing contracts, but Renee Cafaro is already committed!

Then, spend the rest of the day working and collaborating with women in your industry! Find a lounge chair, pick a topic, and pass out some business cards! Work on your website, your blog, your clothing line, whatever! And, grab a snack in the process. We also have some really cool activities planned for the afternoon:

1- A vendor fair with tons of plus positive experiences!

2- Professional Headshots for VIP guests!

3- Step and Repeat!

4- Music!

5- Business Card Bingo!

“While many events limit themselves to cultivating confidence on the dance floor,” says Sarah Sapora, “the ‘Love Yourself Weekend’ aims to inspire and elevate attendees’ professional power. I’m excited to be apart of an event that empowers women in such an authentic way, personally and professionally.

On Saturday Night, the party starts! 6PM is our Mentorship Happy Hour, where you will be paired with an influencer just like you based on your personality profile!

And then…. we party! Our “Winter Wrap Up” party begins at 10PM and is hosted by us and Curves Inc!

Normal Ticket Prices are as follows:

VIP Purple Pass: $249 for the weekend

Silver Saturday Ticket: $189

Bold Social Ticket: $39 (Saturday Night Party Only)

But, we are having a pre-registration sale from now until October 31st!

Pre-Registration Silver Saturday Ticket:  $99.99
Pre-Registration VIP Purple Pass: $149.99
Pre-Registration Bold Social Ticket: $24.99 

You can buy tickets HERE. Are you ready to paint the world purple with us?


Friday Night, February 1st, 2019

Plus Positive Speed Networking Cocktail Party

6PM – 9:00PM

Take an opportunity to meet with industry professionals in the plus universe: models, business owners, designers, educators, etc.! The first hour will be spent doing One on One “Speed Networking” where attendees will have the opportunity to meet with 10 people in their industry for 5 minutes a piece! The rest of the evening is yours to network!

6:00PM: Arrival, light fare and cocktails
6:30PM: One on One Speed Networking
Food and drinks included
7:30PM: Mix and Mingle
Drinks on your own

Saturday, February 2nd, 2019

Morning Brunch Body Positive Panel

10:30AM – 1:00PM

3 well known plus positive panelists will feed your brain, while you fill your belly!

10:30AM: Arrival and brunch buffet
11:15AM: Body Positive Panel
12:15PM:  More Brunch and “musical chairs”
You cannot return to your seat after you’ve gotten more brunch


1:00PM – 2:00PM
Signatures and pictures from VIP Mentees and panelists
Linked In Headshots
Business Card Bingo

Afternoon/Early Evening Brainstorming Breakout

2PM – 6PM

Women will each have their own spaces to meet, collaborate and work on projects. Have a website idea but don’t know how to build it? Find a friend who designs sites! Have a clothing line and need models? Meet some! want to move up the ranks in human resources, education, or WHATEVER you do, find some friends in that space and make time to chat!

Lounge Chairs
Long meeting tables
Relaxed dress

Mentorship Matchmaker Happy Hour

6PM – 7PM, Hotel Bar

Prior to the event, you’ll be asked to fill out a personality assessment, given out by Aider Solutions. You’ll have a personality and skills profile created for you. During this hour, you’ll be paired with 2 women with similar/complimentary profiles to learn from them and how they’ve grown in the industry. One ‘veteran in the plus universe will be paired with 2 plus universe mentees!

Winter Wrap up Party and Club Night, Hosted by Curves, Inc. 

We’re all about body positivity. But, sometimes you need to “wrap it up!” Not your body… the winter! Hopefully the Groundhog doesn’t see a shadow, that day and we’ll say goodbye to winter weather at Marriott Marquis with some drinks and dancing! If not, stay warm by moving your feet and hanging with your new plus positive friends

10:00PM – 3AM
Hosted in the hotel

Sunday, February 3rd, 2019

Optional Spa Day in NYC

Inquire about our group rate