Eureka O’Hara’s “The Big Girl” music video got plenty of mixed reviews when it was released earlier this year. [Editor’s Note: If you didn’t get a chance to see it, here it is]: 

Many were made upset by the fact that Eureka used the visual of “skinny” or “average” women going into surgery to come out as plus size women. Some individuals stated “She’s glorifying being fat” or “She’s making it seem like it’s ok to be obese and so unhealthy” but what if the image was reversed? Would we be having the same conversation or be commenting shaming comments such as that? The other side of the coin with those who were upset are those who have followed Eureka during her time on Ru Paul’s Drag Race and feel that she’s over using her size as an angle but again, would we be saying this about a fitness model using her size constantly?

I feel that while this video might be “glorifying” being larger it isn’t about glorifying being unhealthy [Editor’s Note: Please do check the amazing article from Huff Post about Obesity and Health, picked up by various publications,

Of course Eureka discusses some of the stereotypes placed on larger women but she also has a line discussing that she’s active. “Watch me spin, dip, and kick girl” is paying homage to the fact that she’s one of the most athletic “big” girls in the drag queen scene. At times during her stint on Ru Paul’s Drag race even the judges were amazed by her “moves”. She fought hard to get there and when injured she even tried to stay to compete. Another line in the song resonates with many women and men fighting for body positivity stating “It’s a body positivity constitution, An elephant queen revolution, be yourself to free yourself!” All we hope for is that others respect our decisions to be ourselves and love ourselves along the journey of life. This music video makes me proud to be plus size and proud to be fighting for others to see that it’s ok to be larger and love ourselves because we are deserving and we are bold!