Recently, we have read some pretty amazing articles on the interwebs and we’re so super excited to chat with you about them. In fact, look for our next “Bold without Boundaries” podcast with our friend, Chrissy Dunham. One such article is from Yahoo! Lifestyle, which we love because they do, in fact, actually publicize plus women (at least more so than other publications). But, uh… Yahoo… what’s the word “Curvy?” Can we try something else. to the rescue! It’s getting old! Especially at time when Instagram is being so wishy washy about what they’ve been allowing on their site, it’s nice to see some positivity surrounding these social media stars!

So, we decided we’d pull some of our favorite quotes and showcase some awesome plus size influencers:

Alex Michael May, Influencer
“We do not all want to dress the same; there is not one type of style demographic for all plus-size women. Some of us want to be noticed and do not want to hide, so make designs that any other woman wants because we have the same needs, desires, and eye for design that a straight-size woman has. Brands that do it right are Eloquii; they never disappoint. I have been wearing a lot of Premme; they’re coming out of the gate hot, and I am ready for more. Last but not least, Zelie for She because I love that she is an independent female designer based in L.A., and I never fail to get stopped in the street when I wear the designs.” 

Essie Golden, Style blogger
“[My biggest fashion gripe is these] new brands that are kind of coming in and expanding their sizing but not really catering to us or really taking the time to [design] what we want instead of just trying to get a quick dollar from us.

Alex Larosa, Model and blogger
“It’s really frustrating when brands simply size up their straight-size pieces without considering how the garment will fit on a plus-size body. That’s the quickest way to lose my attention (and my dollars) because it immediately tells me that the brand isn’t doing their research or listening to plus-size customer concerns. Three brands that are doing it right with fit, style, and everything in between are ASOS, Eloquii, and Old Navy!”

Kellie Brown, Style Blogger
“I think my biggest fashion gripe is all the brands popping up with so-called inclusivity, and they are only adding a size or two. If you are going to do it, just do it! Add the full range. I know you can’t include every size from zero to 2 million, but [have] the standard plus-size at least. I recently discovered Madewell plus-sizes and I am a big fan. I think that ASOS does it right; it always [has] a lot of offerings and [is] super on-trend and accessible. All the indie designers like Zelie for She or Astra and all the girls that are popping up and taking it into their own hands and creating the stuff we want to wear. Premme of course!”


We caught up with some of these folks at Sarah Sapora’s Body + Love Workshop and The Curvy Con… so we’re super excited to hear some more quotes from them. Who do you want to read about in our little old zine? Let us know! And BE BOLD!


“Official Bold Babe” Aby Deal was our featured picture, if you’re reading this on a computer or tablet device.