“So, do you do this full time?” I asked Lillian Bustle, of Speakeasy Burlesque
“Oh, gosh no,” she replied. “Sometimes I’m working on my art, or writing, or MCing an event.”
Oh… well we meant… like were you a cashier at Starbucks or a Lawyer, full time! So in essence, you’re making art every single day… Ah… Lillian, you make us proud. We love when empowered women pursue their dreams!
Lillian Bustle, Burlesque Performer and Body Love Activist does Burlesque, sings, MCs, and public speaking. She calls herself  a “gleeful loudmouth about body positivity,” which we love! We recently met up with her at The Curvy Con, thanks to the WONDERFUL Jen Ponton. Her recent TEDx talk, Stripping Away Negative Body Image, sheds light on the positive effect of Burlesque and visual diet on self-image, and has been shared by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Recent speaking engagements include SUNY New Paltz and BurlyCon as a panelist on the Beauty Standards and Burlesque panel. She currently produces and hosts Jersey City’s first monthly Burlesque show, LiberTease!
Burlesque is an art that we’ve been toying with, for years. And, you know what we have found? It’s one of the most body inclusive types of entertainment! We’re super excited to catch up with Bustle at her next show, in Jersey City. It’s a bit of a drive for little ol’ Bold to head to from Long Island. But, Bustle is such a cool bold babe that we decided to hit the road! You can hear Lillian on The Body PosCast, a semi-weekly podcast that she co-hosts with actress and YouTuber Liza Poor. Find The Body PosCast on iTunes, podcast apps like Podcast Addict, or online at  www.thebodyposcast.com.
You can catch us at her next show:
Wednesday Oct 24 doors at 7, show at 8:30
JC Burlesque presents: LiberTease! Booo-lesque edition
FM 340 3rd st, Jersey City NJ
Tickets $10/$20, on sale soon!
“We have an amazing cast and it’s a Halloween theme!” – Lillian Bustle
HERE is the event link!
Her website is www.lillianbustle.com !
Photo credits go to Honey Beavens and David L. Byrd