Happy Almost Halloween Bold Babes! As we head to Chicago for our big Halloween, we are excited to jump right into all things Halloween costumes! But, we thought we’d try a different spin! Why buy a costume, brand new, when you can find some second hand style? We teamed up with Rachel Cadie of Secondhand Curves to discuss some Halloween ideas we thought you’d LOVE!

If you are a plus positive peep who is passionate about dressing up, and you want to escape into a character or two on a budget, well then today, is your lucky day! If you need a costume in a pinch, here are a few that might strike your fancy.

We must say, each year, the store bought options for plus size women and the Big & Tall man keep getting better and better. There are more  costumes to shop from, more thought out options that are available in plus sizes… etc. And, there are also more size acceptance and plus positive events, parties, and ways for you to enjoy yourself! Well, here are a few snapshots we thought you’d love if you didn’t want to buy a full costume! Enjoy and BE BOLD! Thanks to Secondhand Curves for these amazing ideas!


How easy is this? Skirt? Check! Blouse? Check! Grab some fake glasses and you’re good! With or within the cardigan is fine… Right Aby Deal?


Here’s a costume piece that works for any size…. a cowboy hat! Don’t forget your Cowboy boots, a la Sarah Sapora!

Can you say… role reversal? The next time someone tries to tell you that you’re the only girl on their mind, tell them you’re the female “Hef” and invite them to one of your parties to try to meet you! 😛

A little bit trickier, but throw some sheer on and a short sexy dress… you’re a witch nobody wants to mess with!


Classic, classic, classic! The best thing about devil’s ears? They work for any size!


We’ve got Hef, we’ve got a bunny… now all we need is the mansion to party at!


You probably have most of these items laying around! Pearls and a head piece provide the details you need to make this look flap! Or fly? We don’t know!

Another witch? Absolutely… but Rachel Cadie can make any second viewing look amazing!


We love our friends over at Secondhand Curves! Make sure to check them out at www.secondhandcurves.com!