Happy Thursday y’all! We’re flying out to Living Large Chicago tonight to debut our BOLD BABES T-shirts! Want to know how to get one? Just click HERE. As a part of that campaign, you may have noticed we are expanding the Bold family with some official bold babes! These are women who don’t just LOOK good, but DO good.

Our newest Bold Babe is Amy B Hoops! Hoops is a 38-year-old high school teacher residing just north of Seattle. Her photography is AWESOME!

“I have a passion for photography, both in front of and behind the lens.  I started with pinup hot rod shoots.” – Amy B Hoops

Like many of our bold readers, Hoops has struggled with the size and shape of her body.  As a child, she grew up as a competitive figure skater which helped her stay fit. How often does that happen? An athlete who may not understand the caloric intake of her own body seeing a major change when their activity does? Trust us, we get it!

“Getting in front of the camera has taught me to love the body I have, and to see the beauty in many of my features.  I am hoping my confidence will inspire other women to look beyond society’s expectations of what is beautiful and/or sexy.” – Amy B Hoops

We’re so excited to work with Hoops and the rest of our awesome Bold Babes! You can always contact us to nominate someone you think is a great fit! We love hearing from our readers!