We’re so excited to finally be up and running with our Bold Babes Tees and Tanks. And, we know that nobody is more excited to rock them than our Official Bold Babes! We’ve been expanding our team to bring in diverse thinkers, athletes, and people who bring more to the table than just being models (like our current Bold Babes! Check out Gabby’s makeup tutorials or Mel’s work in her community!).

Enter Jessica Evans. Jess is a 28 self proclaimed “fat and bold” model who wears crop tops, short skirts, tight shorts, and skinny jeans. We just spoke about this at our Living Large Chicag event! People comment “great confidence” when they really mean “Are you sure you should wear that?” *EYE ROLL*

“When I was younger, I suffered from bullying and depression. My weight and skin color were the object of so many jokes and jeers. But today, I am young and free. Confidence is my specialty and I won’t ever let anyone take that away from me.” – Jessica Evans

You’re going to see article on and by Jessica, her modeling some of our clothing, and her discussions on weight, gender, and race throughout our magazine!

“I wear what makes me feel beautiful, I push the limits and take risks. I am so passionate about body positivity and so greatful to BOLD MAGAZINE for featuring me. You all are part of the solution and I am so proud to be apart” – Jessica Evans

You can find Jessica’s Instagram page HERE.