Happy Halloween Bold Babes! We hope it’s time to resurrect a few things we thought may have passed… For one? Dietland!

Joy Nash and Jen Ponton have been tweeting all week about this. But, we want to make sure you’re aware. Dietland will be coming to Hulu on November 2nd! What does that mean?

Well, first, it means that if you missed the first (and for now, only) season, you have another chance!

But, secondly, clearly this is a test of our buying power! We need to make sure that we all “show up” and stream Dietland on Hulu because….

IF IT RISES IN POPULARITY… we get it back!

We’ve seen this happen with shows like Family Guy or even revivals like “Fuller House,” etc. When shows do well on streaming services, they either get renewed OR even move back to mainstream media.

So, continue to sign petitions, but more importantly… USE YOUR BUYING POWER to be bold and create some change! November 2nd, Dietland… Hulu… get it bold babes!