First of all… can we talk about how hard it is to spell Kilimanjaro? Okay, well Happy Fat Fitness Friday bold babes!

Wow! Check this out. There is a group of 20 Plus-Size Women training to Climb Africa’s Tallest Point in 2019! What a bunch of badass bold babes!

On March 3rd, 2019, 20 the plus-sized women’s group known as the Curvy Kili Crew will embark on a journey to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa. The trek will take seven days via the Rongai Route and the group plans to reach the summit early in the morning on day six. This date falls on March 8th, 2019… does that sound familiar? It also just happens to be International Women’s Day. We are so excited for them! Oh em glee!!!!!!!!

Just like a lot of our readers, writers, and interviewees, the Curvy Kili Crew is passionate about spreading a message of body-inclusivity in the outdoors/adventure industry. They are aiming to be ambassadors for the plus-size community and to show that when it comes to achieving their goals, preparation and determination are far more important than the numbers on a scale. What a feat this will be for plus size women and they even have their eyes set on breaking a Guinness Book of World Records with one of their climbers being the heaviest to summit (fingers super crossed you guys)! There are also some other pretty bodacious bold babes climbing like a 2 time Ironman finisher (Iron man? Iron person? hmm) and a breast cancer survivor!

The Curvy Kili Crew is undertaking this challenge through WHOA Travel, which was founded in 2013 and offers adventure travel itineraries exclusively for women in order to help them to “step outside of their comfort zones and take on the world!”

You can totally check out the Curvy Kili Crew on Facebook at or follow along on their journey on Instagram at @curvykilicrew. And, we’re SUPER excited to say that we’re interviewing almost half of “the crew” for the next few months to discuss their journey before the climb and summit! So, check back here on Fat Fitness Fridays for your piece of the journey!