Happy Fat Fitness Friday, everyone! We’re still ecstatic from all of the energy we received at Living Large Chicago. And, we decided to share one of the resources we met during our vendor fair! When someone comes up to you, buys your tank, and receives 2000 Instagram views while doing exercise, you tend to take note! There’s so much beauty surrounding our new friend, Sandra Stoughton. This girl… DOMINATES! From one of her original blog posts about her struggles as a fat trainer:

Can you be plus sized, overweight, and fat and still be a fitness trainer? What do you do when your body just doesn’t “represent” the way it should?

Just Google “Fit Woman.” I’ll wait.

Spoiler alert. That is not me. I am not small. I am not thin. I’m not lean. I don’t run. I don’t look that pretty when I sweat. I have fat rolls, and dimples. I have batwings and loose skin.

Sandra Stoughton is the creator of This Girl Dominates, a fitness company dedicated exclusively to meeting the health and fitness needs of plus sized women. She takes a “whole person” approach to health and fitness that looks beyond weight and weight loss. Explore your body’s potential and work towards your own goals from a place rooted in body acceptance. Zero body shame. Zero pressure to “lose weight.”  She’s a plus sized trainer who accepts and works with bodies of all sizes.

“I know because of that, there are people that would not want my fitness services and coaching. That’s ok. I’m not here for everyone. We are all allowed to choose our own goals, and build the crew to get us there.  I don’t fit your crew, if I don’t make your team, we’re still cool. I want you to be successful in whatever your goals are.” – Sandra

This Girl Dominates offers customized 1:1 coaching as small group coaching both in person and online. We’re so excited to catch up with her for an interview soon and even more excited to be building some content with her! 




IG: @thisgirldominates

FB: www.facebook.com/ thisgirldominates

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