Happy Monday, Bold Babes! We’ve been teasing the idea for weeks, months even! We’re so excited to debut our new site, today that showcases and discusses dating and relationship tales in the plus universe! Before you get ticket off about the name, please read below. The absurdity can only be told in a story about CEO Christopher Salute’s dating life:


Large Women from the Internet

LWI is a plus property created by Christopher Salute and Alyssa Roensch and can be found at www.largewomenfromtheinternet.com Presented by Bold Magazine and owned wholly by Bold Media, Inc., Large Women from the Internet aims to tell the story of the plus woman (and the men and women who admire them) dating in the modern world.

But, what’s with that name? Isn’t it kind of… offensive? Well, there is certainly a story behind “Large Women from the Internet” (we know you hope so because the URL is long and it’s pretty ridiculous). So, here goes…

Circa Fall 2016, CEO Christopher Salute had broken up with his semi-celebrity fiancĂ© [*eye roll*]. Unfortunately, the break up left him in a bit of disarray and Salute decided to seek the help of a relationship therapist. An elderly Jewish man from Long Island (important so that you can actually “hear” the nasal Long Island tone and unstable voice), his therapist and he discussed his life and how he was planning to change his relationship patterns. He’d been on various dating sites, finding dates on Tinder, Match.com, and even Instagram. He wanted to find a significant other, but needed to explore himself, first. The next scene in Salute’s life was both priceless and impactful, and became the name of this website:

“So, let me get this straight… you want to find ‘the one.’ But, you need to be single for a little while. So… after you’re done having casual dates with these… large… women… from the internet… you’ll settle down. I see no problem with that.” – Salute’s amazingly adorable old Jewish therapist

Salute began writing his story and a corresponding book will be out in 2020. But, in the meantime, from that gem comes this website.

About the Team

Twenty-eight year old Texas Native, Alyssa Roensch, joined the Bold staff this past August. She is currently the Director of Operations at Bold Media and the Senior Vice President of LWI. Being plus size since puberty, Alyssa learned at an early age that dating for larger people wasn’t always easy. Her passions include children with disabilities, feline nutrition, and advocating for the body positive, plus positive, and size acceptance movements.

Dr. Christopher Salute is the CEO of Bold Media and the Chief Assessment Officer of LWI. A recovering serial monogamist, Salute has been in nearly every form of relationship from marriage to casual dating. His hobbies include writing, hiking, boxing, and playing with his dog, Joker. Since 2011, Salute has devoted his life to the plus positive movement.

Roensch and Salute met at a size acceptance event in 2018 and have been working together, since. They enjoy sharing awful pick up line screen shots, liking each others photos on Feabie, and meeting up in various cities to go to buffets and concerts.