You know… we are sometimes skeptical of size acceptance events. But, we’re getting a better understanding of the great and the not-so-great. Bold Magazine loves attending all events where we can learn, grow, and connect with incredible people. But, there are just some events where we think to ourselves… DAY and… YUM!

Uh… those were very technical terms that we used. Here’s the honest truth about Living Large Chicago and their incredible Bash that we experienced, this October. It is exactly what a size acceptance event should look like. From the daytime events to the pool party to the evening dances… this thing was a well oiled machine. Here are a few things we noticed, off the bat:

  • Security, they had it. But, they didn’t just have it… they HAD it! Multiple people around the various party areas to ensure people were being safe, as sober as they should be (I mean it is a party), and respectful.

    Novella Fry hosts “Wakeup and Makeup!”

  • Structure, this is really important. Why? Imagine a “room roam” party (wait do we know what this is? Let’s discuss below) where there are no set times or people to clear the rooms. Imagine what that brings to your room. Unwanted guests? Weird smells from the hours of partying? See what we’re getting at?
  • Smiles. Everyone was damn happy to be there, including the staff. Daisy, Novelly, Rebecca, Amy, Jessica, Fred, and Shaq (gosh, I hope I’m not forgetting anyone… not intentional) were so helpful, courteous and kind!

Here are a few things that separate Jessica and her crew’s event from other size acceptance events we’ve attended:

  • Food: Free breakfasts and an incredible dessert buffet the night of the costume party (We hear there are some other all inclusive size acceptance events we’d love to attend)
  • Water: Sounds ridiculous? It’s not. Some events charge you $3.00 for a tap water! We’ve spent a fortune helping to keep the party sober
  • Workshops: Wow, not just ours (shameless plug). But, workshops on anxiety (Jodi Moen and Patrick), makeup (Novella Fry), etc. There were so many rooms for activities (see what we did there?). And, how about the other daytime activities like the pool party and the Brazilian buffet? Folks… let’s be real… why aren’t we having more buffets at our events? This isn’t a fat joke. This is a “let’s get together, share a meal, and stay more sober, later” notion. And, of course the awesome clothing swap hosted by Big, Beautiful and Broke!
  • Vendors: The vendors at this thing rivaled a trade show or conference!
  • Photo Booths: Um…. they had them…. and they were AWESOME! Such incredible shots of us and our friends!

Christopher Salute hosts Dating Panel at LLC

You know, many people think that Bold Magazine is new to the “BBW” community. We’re not. And, we’re not new, period. We’ve just seen another spike in readership, this year, which we are so happy about. But, we’ve been watching these communities for years and have done our research. “Bashes” as they are commonly called used to be gathering places for size acceptance, complete with wholesome feelings, good friends, and discussions. And, THAT is what “Living Large Chicago” is.

Was it perfect? At any bash, there are always things we might change. It’s hard for us to talk about an event called the “Booty Bash” despite the very clever Halloween connotation. When you’re trying to explain it to people, some might not get it. But, let’s be real… we’ve been misunderstood quite a bit, as well (wink wink!). And, we wish it were a little closer to NY! Next time, we’re definitely road tripping and having a mini- “Bash” the week before!

But, this event was spectacular. We got such incredible feedback about our workshops and really enjoyed the positive energy and vibes we got from our new friends. There were a few points where we saw folks who were a tad too drunk. It’s our normal M.O. to help those people back to their rooms. And, at other events, people may have looked at us like we were crazy. At Living Large Chicago, they searched the hotel with us to make sure these people were taken care of…. I mean.. is that caring or what?

PS – A “Room Roam” party is a party that has its participants walk to open rooms and have drinks, food, etc. There were some AWESOME themes, tacos, beer, liquor, and some we won’t discuss. Check out our Room Roam Clothing Swap in December in New Jersey!

The event can be summed up by this incredibly cool recap video by Shapely Events. Take a look, and we’ll see you in Dallas where they are hosting their next one. Or, maybe we’ll see them if we can convince them to come to our Love Yourself Weekend in February! As always… be bold!