You know… you would think a model in New York City would be easier to catch up with… but not for Chris and Tammy B NYC. Tammy stays so busy with her print, runway, and fit modeling with State Management and Bi-Coastal, we just couldn’t get a hold of her for months!

A quick google search of Ms. B NYC and you’ll see that this bad ass bold babe sets up meet ups for models and fashion events (we kind of want to go to one!), has multiple streams of her modeling shots:



and she’s constantly advocating for plus lifestyles. Some of our favorite quotes:

“I like being fat” – Tammy B NYC (yup that’s all she said, folks)

and she also likes to “stir the universe!”

Hey Ms. B, can that that specifically be the #plusuniverse?

Well, we got a chance to hang with Tammy B NYC last week on our Bold Cast. Tammy is a New York City Fit, Runway, and Print Model. Yeah, that’s right… we get to call her a triple threat for that… it’s so seldom we get to use that phrase. Can we start doing that again?

Ms. B NYC was born in California, but raised in New York City (Gosh, could you imagine if her name was Tammy B LA? It just wouldn’t fit!)

Tammy and CEO Christopher Salute go over the highs and lows of being a plus size model in today’s plus universe. Take a listen and BE BOLD!