Our “Official Bold Babes” have been on the move! From t-shirts to events to all of their extra-curricular bold-tivities! Amy Hooper (also known as Bella B Bold) changed her Instagram name when she became a bold babe. Now is that dedication or what? We’re so excited to chat with her!

Amy Hooper, aka Bella B Bold, is a 38-year-old high school teacher currently residing just north of Seattle in Washington State with her husband, Don, her step daughter, and their fur baby! But, she grew up on the other coast in New England.  With a passion for travel, she goes all over the world and just visited Aby Deal in Las Vegas. Her favorite quote from Hellen Keller, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all,” definitely applies to her awesome lust for life. Well, we sat down with her and we’re so excited to tell you all about it! Here goes:

Bold Magazine: So, Bella…what has the response been to your modeling and blogging?

Bella B Bold: The response has been mostly positive.  As a high school teacher, it has been tricky trying to navigate what to share and what not to share on a social media forum such as Instagram.  My students recently have been nosy which has caused me to change my name on Instagram several times and to kind of rebrand my page.  I struggle between making my Instagram private or keeping it public to help promote my page and connect with others more easily in the body positive community.

Bold Magazine: Oh, definitely, we get that. Well, what’s your goal in the plus size community?

Bella B Bold: My goal is ultimately to become more involved.  I would like to find what strengths I have that would be valuable to bring to the community. One personal goal I have is to be promoted on @curlygirlsvip Instagram page.  One thing I find frustrating is that I keep seeing the same “models” being shared, featured, and/or promoted on Instagram accounts.  It would be great to see some new and fresh beautiful faces and bodies.

Bold Magazine: That’s for sure. But, you never know when you’ll get featured. And, plus you’re a Bold Babe! We’re so excited that you’re joining Bold. Tell us about your passion for body positivity.

Bella B Bold: I would not just say body positivity is my passion, but positivity and acceptance of all regardless of body shape, body size, gender, race, age,  disability, etc.

Bold Magazine: LOVE that! You do so much! What are your other day jobs? 

Bella B Bold: I am a high school teacher. I teach classes in the subjects of English, History, and Psychology.  I also help my husband run his whitewater rafting company in the summer.

Bold Magazine: So cool! Tell us a positive story about someone you made an impact on!

Bella B Bold: Recently, a follower from Instagram reached out to me asking how to help his curvaceous wife feel more comfortable about her curves and body.  He was seeking advice from me on how to help her find the confidence to take photos similar to the ones I post on my account. I never realized the impact that photos had until I received this letter.  A copy of the letter is below:

First, let me apologize for jumping from one platform to another. As a man that loves and understands that women come in all shapes and sizes, what are some words of encouragement or things that I can do to help my wife build confidence and learn to embrace and appreciate her curves? I think that she is beautiful but her confidence is not the same. You can see her in my pictures on Instagram.

Bold Magazine: Love it! What an awesome message! What do you plan to bring to Bold Magazine?

Bella B Bold: I would like to bring anything that is helpful.  As the original article published about me stated, I am more than just a pretty face and an amateur model.  I am a high school English, History, and Psychology teacher.  I have an undergraduate degree in psychology and a Masters degree in teaching.  I love educating people.  I also love being a life-long learner.  I would enjoy helping to write articles and participate in any public relations work for the organization.

Bold Magazine: So true. You are way more! How did your movement start? What’s the history there? How did you find out about it?

Bella B Bold: My movement didn’t really start until this organization found me.  Honestly, I used Instagram a little and was just beginning to share my pinup photos on a regular basis when Bold Magazine reached out to me.  Since then, it has been a rewarding experience learning about the different communities that exist to help support men and women of shapes and sizes.

Bold Magazine: Wow! We’re so honored to be a part of this. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced? And the best opportunity you’ve found through this group?

Bella B Bold: In all honesty, my biggest challenge has always been my family, particularly my mother.  My parents adopted me as an infant, and even though we share very similar features, body size is definitely one we differ on.  Growing up wasn’t such a big deal since I was so active as a competitive figure skater.  But, when my activity slowed down in my college years and then even more so in my 20’s and 30’s, my body size began to become bigger.  I have been told so many times to watch what I eat, watch what I drink, and to exercise more.  I have been asked on several occasions if I have seen a nutritionist or gone to a doctor check my thyroid or to see if I am diabetic.  After doing all the above, with no significant results and/or not finding any medical issues or tests to explain my weight, I have reached a point where I am fighting for others to accept me the way I am because I finally do.  Also, since I know some of my birth family, it obvious that I am genetically more similar to them when it comes to body weight and/or shape in comparison to my adopted family.  It is something I have learned to accept.  I just wish others would, too!

Bold Magazine: Thanks for that vulnerability! Do you plan on staying active in the plus community now that you’re making an impact? How else have you gotten involved?

Bella B Bold: I do plan on staying active. I would like to become more involved with fashion and clothing for plus size women, with a particular focus on lingerie.  I would also like help advocate and support women who would like to get in front of the camera for beauty shoots or pinup but have not found the courage or confidence to do so. 

Bold Magazine: We totally dig it! Lastly, Bella, what makes you BOLD?

Bella B Bold: I have learned to push myself to try new things and to not let others’ restrictions hold me back from pursuing what I believe in when it comes to both myself and others. When I am confronted by an obstacle, I will seek to find solutions and alternative perspectives to overcome and persevere. I have come to learn others’ perceptions of us should not limit who we are or who we are destined to become.