It’s been a while since we mentioned our event in New York City… Oh, wait, no it hasn’t. We literally can’t stop talking about it! One of the incredibly cool bold babes behind our event is our new Event Coordinator and Office Manager, Emily Kay. Kay comes to us from New Jersey and is also the co-owner of Curves, a local size acceptance organization! We totally can’t wait to see how our events pan out with this awesome empowered New Jersey queen at the helm. Well, we got a chance to hang with Emily and we’re so excited to tell you how it went. Here’s our interview with Bold Magazine Event Coordinator Emily Kay:

Bold Magazine: Emily, what’s your goal in the plus size community?

Emily: My goal is to always help people see how amazing and important they are no matter their size, sexuality, culture or anything else that they feel “holds them back”. I want to be a shoulder for each and every person to reach out to when they feel like there is no one else there for them. A tall order, yes! But so worth it! Everyone deserves to feel empowered.

Emily Kay is all about her Purple… so are we!

Bold Magazine: Okay… wow! Where do you see plus size fashion and media going? How do you plan on staying involved?

Emily: I see all of this going more mainstream and quickly! I want to always try and be one step ahead and see where the plus size movement is heading. And I plan on being there every step of the way on this journey.

Bold Magazine: Well, we’re so excited that you’re joining Bold for that journey. Tell us about your passion for body positivity.

Emily: I am so honored to be working with Bold as the Event Coordinator & Office Manager! Growing up I felt as though I was never “enough” based on my physical appearance. I don’t want anyone to ever feel that way. It is so important to love yourself! Every curve, roll, spot of cellulite and wrinkle! All the “flaws” because they are your story. Your personal story and timeline and no one can take that from you. To quote the ultimate Queen RuPaul “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else??”

Bold Magazine: Yes!!!!!!! So, Emily, you do a lot! What are your other day jobs?

Emily: Well, I’m still trying to find more hours in the day! I am the co-owner of Curves, Inc., a plus positive group that focuses on hosting size acceptance bashes that maintain a positive and welcoming atmosphere. I freelance for a few companies to help with administrative support, management, event planning and startup operations. And I am a mom to an amazing, brilliant (sometimes frustrating) 13 year old girl!

Bold Magazine: Too cute! And, what do you plan to bring to Bold Magazine?

Emily: I solemnly wear that I am up to no good! Seriously though, I will always bring a smile and an out of the box way of thinking. I hope that my positivity is infectious. I plan on relentlessly pursuing the best way of bringing the plus positive movement forward so I apologize in advance!

Bold Magazine: LOL! Good answer! How did your parties start? What’s the history there? How did you find out about it?

Emily: I had no idea that plus size parties or events even existed. 12+ years ago they were a whole different ball game. A friend of mine and I heard song “Baby Phat” by de la soul and watched the video. After that we thought “are there really clubs that cater to larger women??” Quick online search and I learned that there were! Shortly thereafter we started attending local bashes. Unfortunately that was a short lived experience as the atmosphere surrounding the bashes was less than supportive. I’ve since made it a mission to change that stigmatization and bring empowerment back into this community.

Emily Kay and Rebecca Bedford? Is this Bold-Ception?

Bold Magazine: And, what’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced? And the best opportunity you’ve found through this group?

Emily: The biggest challenge that I have face thus far is the negativity surrounding some plus size groups and parties. Many people tend to group all plus positive organizations into one category based on a few bad experiences. With Bold I can use my voice to change this and be surrounded with so many amazing like-minded people!

Bold Magazine: Awesome! Do you plan on staying active in the plus community now that you’re making an impact? How else have you gotten involved?

Emily: To stay active you must always stay involved. I am always reaching out to other groups and offering my help as well as supporting as many events as I can!

Bold Magazine: We hear that! Who do you look up to in the plus world? Otherwise?

Emily: How could I possibly list everyone? Anyone who refuses to let their light be dimmed and their voice be silenced is truly my hero.

Bold Magazine: Yay! Lastly, what makes you BOLD?

Emily: What makes me Bold? If I am nothing else I will always be myself. I refuse to conform to what society deems “normal”. What makes me happy is what goes. I have overcome so many hard things in my life as I am sure so many people have. I will never let that keep me down. I let those memories keep pushing me forward.