Bold Interview: Mel Mayhem Sits down with Christopher Salute of Aider Solutions

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Bold Interview: Mel Mayhem Sits down with Christopher Salute of Aider Solutions
As you know, Bold Magazine is hosting the Love Yourself Weekend in New York City. One of our Sponsors is Aider Solutions, a strategy and human capital consulting firm focused solely on the plus universe. We took some time to catch up with their CEO Christopher Salute to discuss why they are sponsoring, why he’s focused on the plus market, and what Aider and Bold are doing this February!
So, here goes:
Bold Magazine: What is Aider Solutions?
Christopher Salute: Aider Solutions is a consulting firm I began 4 years ago to help entry level to mid level professionals advance their careers through executive coaching, assessment, interview preparation, resume work, and other services! I have an earned PhD in Organizational Psychology, which is kind of like “Human Resources” on rocket fuel. So it’s a great way for me to help people advance their careers while keeping myself and my education active.
Bold Magazine: Chris, what made you want to start a plus size consulting firm?
Christopher Salute: So, it actually didn’t start that way! When I was earning my PhD, I created this firm to help young people find their way in the scary world of career growth. And, I also had this “Bold Magazine” thing that was really growing. Finally, about a year ago, I decided to focus solely on the 67% of American women who are underserved and underpaid. It just makes more sense to serve plus women here, as well. Ya know?
Bold Magazine: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced?
Christopher Salute: Well, any new business is tough, right? So, it was definitely tough getting Aider Solutions started. But, then I started to pick up in business and my clients began roll in. Now, that I’m catering solely to plus women (or at least marketing to them), I face a whole new challenge. A narrow focus, a new demographic, and a wonderful new opportunity to rebrand.
Bold Magazine: What’s been your biggest motivating factor to move past any adversity that you’ve encountered?
Christopher Salute: It’s so important that I bring together my brands. Prior to 2018, I had all of these different projects I worked on. It’s so important to blend your passion and your purpose. I couldn’t imagine serving another demographic the way I can serve this one. So, why not bring everything under that umbrella, ya know?
Bold Magazine: What do you feel has been your biggest success since starting Aider Solutions?
Christopher Salute: Wow, that’s a great question, Mel. I’d say that my biggest success has been the ability to help people build their resumes and start their careers over. Everyone is loving the feedback they are getting on our assessment and interview prep work!
Bold Magazine: Yes! What’s one small piece of advice you can give to those looking into the plus size market?
Christopher Salute: Oh gosh. Small advice for a big market? I think that you have to decide what your passion is. If it is breaking into the plus size market, then you have to start networking and figuring out who to talk to. And, of course, be genuine and work your butt off!
Bold Magazine: Agreed! What is your favorite thing about being the creator of this consulting firm?
Christopher Salute: Mel, you’re awesome. I guess I’d have to say working with so many women who need career advice and the brands who want to hire them. Diversity of all kinds is super important. We need to really focus our energy into the markets that we can help serve.
Bold Magazine: Love it! We hear you’ll be at the Love Yourself Networking event in February. What is Aider Solutions going to be doing there?
Christopher Salute: Yes! Aider Solutions is going to be hosting the Mentorship Cocktail party on Saturday Night. Here’s how it works:
Every one of our VIP members is going to fill out a quick personality assessment before they come to our event. We are going to analyze them and give them colored name tags to identify them by personality type and industry. Now, you’re welcome to network with ANYONE you want to during the event. But, if you see someone with your colored name tag or industry, it’ll let you know that you’ve got something in common! Pretty cool, huh?
Bold Magazine: Totally! Tell us about someone you’ve helped!
Christopher Salute: Oh, man. So many folks. We just finished working with a client in the plus universe who is having a hard time finding empowered women to intern. We were sitting in our office when the perfect candidate walked in. She understood the market, the job, she needed the experience, and our client really wanted someone who was eager to learn. So, we helped a client find an intern and an undergraduate student find some experience!
Bold Magazine: Wow! Now,what makes you and Aider Solutions BOLD?’
Christopher Salute: Well… we are part of Bold Media! That’s for one. But, we’re also the ONLY consulting firm focusing on helping to eradicate weight discrimination and helping plus positive brands find their perfect matches. How bold is that?

Thanks Mel for the Awesome Interview!

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