It has been a crazy month for Bold and the Plus Universe! We wanted to get a Plus Universe Round Up out much earlier but we’ve been planning our events (one is this weekend in New Jersey, by the way- whoop whoop!). But, so much has been happening in the Bold world!

First of all, did you hear about the clown from Victoria Secret speaking out about trans and plus women at his shows? And, then the amazingly awesome chicas who flooded Times Square to show him he’s an ass? Yeah, so that happened. Let’s talk about it.

Romeika Brown, NOT a Victoria’s Secret Model… and that’s totally fine with us.

Bruh…. what?  Did you seriously just further ostracize 2/3 of women who often feel uncomfortable in your stores? Plus, an entire population of trans people who are just now struggling to gain an identity in this country? What fool turns their back on emerging niche markets and the actual real Americans who want their clothing? Have you seen that awesome John Cena commercial, where he talks about being an American (We think it’s for Budweiser?) and there’s a shot of a trans person doing their makeup? It was short… maybe too short… but it’s a push in the right direction! Oh, and, then offer a terrible half-apology as a consolation prize? Victoria Secret sales are down since 2016 and it’s no secret why.

For an inclusive brand, check out Panty Drop Me. We recently connected with them and hope to get them more involved with some of our happenings. There are others, of course. Just give a quick google!

As for Victoria’s Secret, I think it’s time to start making a statement with your pockets. I’ve never had a partner or friend who didn’t have to sit on the damn floor of a Victoria’s Secret and comb through the bottom drawer of a mixed pile of XL and other sizes (since they usually use the bottom drawer as a catch-all). I wouldn’t say I was embarrassed for them. It wasn’t my place to be. But, I was angry for them! I’m glad we’re starting to move on to other retailers!

Moving onto awesomeness, Amanda LaCount was featured in…. like everything. She’s been all over youtube, featured in like every dance magazine possible. And… oh yeah, she’s going to be a panelist at our brunch in February! So… take that haters!

Finally, Tess Holliday has been kicking some major ass, lately, huh? We haven’t met her yet… trust me, we’ve tried. Thanks for the effort, Aby Deal! We’re not sure who was fan-girling harder!

But, if we do meet Tess, we’ll tell her that she’s really doing and saying some right stuff. She posted an incredible Instagram post about how she doesn’t always feel good in her skin. You should absolutely check it out. That takes some serious bravery, especially for the most polarizing and (one of the) most popular plus models on the planet. And, we really dig the way she handled herself with that troll who threatened her, Whitney Way Thore, and Natalie Hauge. Trolls have no place in plus or body positivity. But, physical threats need to be addressed.

It would be great if we could address some more serious topics with people like Victoria’s Secret or when Tess makes a stance, like why women (and men too… read our post on LWI about a very fit young model liking plus women… why is that even a thing? Like who you like. Love who you love) are so quickly judged based on looks. We literally just heard a story last night during our weight discrimination conversation about an employee who was outright not hired because they were fat. And, it wasn’t a secret!

So, we end our Plus Universe Roundup by saying we have a long way to go. But, as long as models like Tess Holliday, Tammy B NYC, and dancers like Amanda LaCount are #breakingthestereotype, then we’re on the right track!