Oh Em Glee there aren’t enough words to describe all the good feels we have for Jen Mavros. She is such an awesome badass chica and makes us feel like we are hanging in her living room with some comfy pants on every time we chat. There are certain people you just mesh with. From the minute I met her at the Body + Love Workshop in September, I just knew we’d have some good shared energy.
I don’t like to ruin the cast with writing and I am also so anxious to get this thing up for you. But, Jen and I have had some awesome chats before, during, and after this hour. A few takeaway points, if you don’t hear them during the cast: 
  1. Creating a hashtag trumps all other partnerships ( #mariaandluigiforlife) – For those not in the circle, we’ll fill you in. We bonded so well immediately that I called us Mario and Luigi. Since we needed to feminize one and she’s cooler than me on the seesaw of life, she can be the hero and I will gladly sidekick. Plus I look great in green.
  2. Jen could have referenced herself as any resilient creature, and decided on cockroach. Enough said
  3. Mavros-isms are incredible and we need to adopt all of them
  4. We could have spoken for hours and hours but Mavros was considerate of my “super hot date” that Friday night. And made sure she referenced it, which made me feel like a rockstar, which she is good at!
  5. You MUST surround yourself with this love and energy. Contact us if you want a hook into Jen to utilize her incredible spirituality
Here are her links and she’s bomb. Click and engage!
Insta: @jenmavros
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thejenmavros
Soul-Class: www.soul-class.com