Happy Tuesday Bold Babes! We really need to stop sharing all of the articles between both Bold Magazine and LWI. As our sites gain identity, it’s super important to maintain them, separately. Plus, it’s really bad for search engines!

But, if you haven’t been on over to Large Women from the Internet, please check out our latest post HERE! In the post, Editor in Chief and CEO of Bold Magazine Christopher Salute discusses the book he is writing and one of the many failures he’s experienced dating the plus universe. It’s made quite a splash (thank goodness for our new servers, no crashing this week). So check it out and BE BOLD!

About the name Large Women From the Internet: 

CEO Christopher Salute decided to seek the help of a relationship therapist after a pretty bad breakup in 2016. An elderly Jewish man from Long Island (important so that you can actually “hear” the Long Island tone and unsteady voice), his therapist and he discussed his life and how he was planning to change his relationship patterns. He’d been on various dating sites but needed to explore himself more. His Therapist said:

“So, let me get this straight… you want to find ‘the one.’ But, you need to be single for a little while. So… after you’re done having casual dates with these… large… women… from the internet… you’ll settle down. I see no problem with that.” – Salute’s amazingly adorable old therapist

Salute began writing his story with this as the name of his tales.