Umm… we’re stupid. No, really… the dumbest smart CEO in the world runs Bold Magazine. For weeks we’ve been talking about the totally bomb image front and center on the Torrid Curve Intimates section of their website. We’ve mentioned it in our Bold-Cast with Chrissy Dunham, all over Instagram, during our Plus Universe Roundup, etc. etc. And, we even contacted Torrid Corporate and their Instagram account through DM to score an interview. 

You know the model, right? The stunning blonde sitting down amongst a group of differently shaped plus models? The social media world was ablaze that week in awe of the model who was a true representation of many plus women: Big hips, robust torso, thick thighs, etc. So many influencers were excited about the model representation women of size on the Torrid site. Torrid is a very inclusive brand, but does tend to feature smaller and/or more proportionate models on their size and print ads. So, we were as excited as the rest of the plus universe to see the beautiful blonde grace their site. And, we couldn’t figure out where we’d seen that damn face!

Duh… it’s Sara Smith, model, influencer, and clothing designer. We’ve interviewed her, chatted with her, and her damn sister Brittany was our Sales Director up until the middle of this year! Oh boy… we need some new glasses.

There is one major reason we hadn’t put two and two together until Smith appeared in another ad on the Torrid Instagram account. Smith does typically have a smaller midsection many of her poses and advertisements. It was the act of sitting her on that stool (or chair, we can’t tell) that postured her differently. We simply couldn’t picture her as that model, because her shape looked so different. So, when it came time to compare faces, we didn’t even think it was possible. We wonder if that was Torrid’s intention: to create a more round shape through that posture. Totally fine and cool, especially given the many sizes and shapes we take on as plus peeps (just ask my father who references his shirts as “stand up shirts” and “sit down shirts”).

Well, we have reached out to Sara’s team to land another interview in hopes she will have another chat with us. We will definitely keep you posted! In the meantime….BE BOLD!