There has been so much chatter about the Bash and Size Acceptance communities. Events are popping up like crazy with new teams jumping in, veterans expanding their businesses, and a few folks even bowing out of the business. We’ve even been asked to write for some other publications about what these events are all about.

When they are done right, what they are about is community, adventure, love, generosity, and family. Such is definitely the case with Curves in New Jersey. The entire weekend, all we heard from participants is that “Curves isn’t an event. It’s an experience.” And boy are they right!

The Curves team is almost brand new, aside from co-owner Larry Sanchez. Janine Rizzo and Emily Kay (Emily is a co-owner) have both joined and are crushing it with their new ideas for bash-style evening events. The Saturday night Burlesque themed dance party was supposed to be a one night event. But, within a few days of brainstorming, Curves added:


  • An All Day Pool Party on Saturday
  • A Room Roam Party on Friday Night
  • A Group Lunch (complete with shuttle bus)
  • A Sunday optional get together


Now, Curves events are definitely not the size of say Living Large Chicago… yet…. but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have a great time. The room roaming party would have been a challenge to complete on different floors of the Fairfield Crown Plaza… so what did they do? They decided to roam as a group, of course! We started at the Bold Magazine suite for a Clothing Swap, then moved room to room for food, drinks, and even some cool activities! We ended the evening at one of two rooms (one being Bold Magazine’s) or even heading down to the bar where Larry was DJing! It was an absolute blast!

The next day, we woke up just in time for a group lunch at an incredible Mexican restaurant. Then, we headed as a group to the indoor pool, with a pool party sponsored by Bold Magazine ! We took a few hours to get dressed and ready for the event and met down at the ballroom!

And, what a ball it was! There were tons of vendors in and around the party room, a hopping burlesque party, and shots offered to everyone who had a birthday that night! Of course, Bold CEO Christopher Salute threw an after party in his suite, complete with champagne and pizza (anyone’s dream, especially a party full of plus size partiers!).

From an outsider’s perspective, it may have looked like a very small event compared to the large scale bashes we see from some veterans size acceptance companies we know of. But, Bold has personally spoken with Co-Owner Emily Kay about her giftbags, giveaways, shot purchases, etc. etc. Do you know what’s said? She just wanted to prove to the plus universe that she could throw a weekend long event.

Nothing more to prove, Emily Kay. Nothing more to prove. You don’t bash… not for a second. You BOLD!

Bold Magazine Merchandise could be seen all over the Curves event!





UPDATE: We had received questions as the status of Theo’s Party Promotions due to the image of their group being one of the photos we showed throughout this article. TPP was a great supporter to the Curves Group and have not joined Curves at all. We apologize for for any confusion this may have caused. We have removed the photo to avoid further confusion.