Oh Em Glee you guys! It’s almost a new year and we’re meeting some new peeps! Fingers crossed that we can get them involved with our event in February!

They are called “Realize Your Beauty.” A non-profit, their mission is to promote positive body image to children & adolescents by way of theatre arts. To meet their mission, they travel to schools, festivals and local theatres to present educational plays, presentations and workshops. Through their workshops, students discover a new way of thinking about themselves, their bodies and about beauty.

Stacy Lorin Merkl founded the organization and the board has some pretty impressive names! Janet Conroy-Quirk is a Troupe member and we’re so excited that she’ll be joining us as a freelance writer!

Their workshops focus on fostering inner beauty- taking the focus away from societal standards and the pressure to be ‘pretty’. We encourage students to put their energy into kindness, integrity and respect towards themselves & others, and focus on developing their own unique inner qualities.

“We strive to educate our older students about the dangers of dieting and disordered eating. We encourage students to love themselves exactly as they are and to learn the warning signs of an eating disorder.” – Realizing Your Beauty

To learn more about their story, please visit their website HERE.