As 2018 comes to a close, we would like to write you one more Plus Universe Roundup. It’s been an incredible year for the plus universe. We’re also going to be filming a video on our YouTube Channel to discuss what’s been going on, this year!

We continue to cover folks like Tess Holiday who have been making some major stances in the plus world, from her cover photo on Cosmo UK, to reporting the troll who threatened her and Natalie Hauge on Instagram. Tess recently posted on social media that she doesn’t always feel sexy or beautiful and we were so proud of the queen of plus modeling for her discussing her own self esteem in relation to her size, beauty, and shape.

An Image from Calvin Klein’s Instagram Account. We love how inclusive they are!

Speaking of beauty, size, and shape, Victoria’s Secret definitely said some really… really… REALLY stupid things, this year. Apparently, their “fantasy” doesn’t cover plus size or trans women. But, you know who does? Torrid and Calvin Klein. Torrid, in fact, featured our friend Sara Smith on their website!

Bold created some serious new ventures, this year. You can check us out on our Bold-Cast, our newest site, Large Women from the Internet , our YouTube Channel, our new Facebook Group, and Aider Solutions. We also partnered with folks like Sarah Sapora, Aby Deal, Justine Kay, and other incredible plus size advocates and content creators! We’ve hosted talks at Living Large Chicago and hosted parties with Curves New Jersey, as well!

New ventures you say? Well Whitney Way Thore and her personal trainer just began a brand new fitness app and business: No BS Active (the “BS” stands for Body Shame). Our friend Lardi B (Jennifer Whitlock) will also be touring more in 2019 and we’re so excited to find out more about her new music! Maybe Amanda LaCount can dance to one of her songs!

And, you may even see some new ventures from US in 2019 as well (wink wink!)

Mustang Sally Two turned heads at the end of this year with her Instagram videos!

There have been a lot of active plus size people in 2018. Our dear friend Rebecca Bedford breathed new life into her site, Being an SSBBW. And, another friend of ours, Mustang Sally Two, has been creating some of the most beautiful video content we’ve ever seen all over her Instagram account. She is also an extended size woman. You can check it out HERE and of course her website is HERE. Lisa (Mustang Sally Two) and Bold had a quick conversation about negative commenters and “trolls on the internet.” And, we’re so excited to learn more about her plans for 2019!

We’re also SO excited about everything that’s going to happen in 2019. 2018 has been an incredible year for Bold Media and Bold Magazine. We have made so many friends, created so many memories, and laid the groundwork for such fun over the course of next year. Thank you so much to all of the members of the plus universe who have made this possible. And Happy New Year! Be Bold!




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