Oh Em Glee! Happy Friday y’all! Okay, so maybe it’s a few days late for New Year’s Eve. Ready to get a little bubbly?
We are so excited to chat about a “new adventure” that Kari Kemp and Kaity from Toronto Canada are going on!

Kaity (@kmw_plus on instagram) is one half of The Bubbly Girls. The other half is Kari (@thekarikemp on Instagram).

Kaity is a plus model and self proclaimed “drink enthusiast.” She enjoys anything sweet like… champagne for example (bubbly, right?).  Kaity loves to make people laugh, (even if it means simply laughing at herself)!

Kari strongly believes that she “was put on this Earth to make as many people feel loved as possible.” OMG, we love that. Do you want to be a part of our Bold club? Just kidding, we don’t have a Bold club, but can we start one?

Kari also believes that life is too short to not love what you’re doing – so, for the last couple years, she has gone after her passion of modeling (you might see her on Your Big Sister’s Closet) and influencing everyone to love and feel comfortable in the body they were given.

“With society being so focused on negativity and gossip, we wanted to create a space of positive and harmless FUN!”

Oh em glee- we love it! how do we get more of it?

“Basically, with our videos, we are going to be drinking bubbly and doing miscellaneous challenges – whether that’s putting makeup on each other, baking, going shopping or simply just chatting with our viewers about life!”

We cannot deal. Check out these chicas on insta (@thebubblygirls) and find their introduction video below: