[Editor’s Notes: We want to commend Anneka for her hard work in sourcing all of her art work for this post. If you can not view nudity with the computer you’re on, please scroll no further. Also, please note that since Anneka sourced so much incredible art work, we are splitting this post into a four part series! If you enjoy what you see, look for some additional sites coming out by the end of 2019 featuring Fat Positive Art from Bold Media!]

By Anneka Morgan, @booksandbras

One of the best ways to see what a culture values is to view its art. Art gives insight into what a culture deems beautiful, the lenses a culture has, the blinders a culture has, the truths a culture believes. In this way, finding the world of fat positive art had a huge impact on me; I could finally see myself as worthy of being put on a canvass. I’ve put together a compilation of some of my favorite fat positive artists, picking two pieces from their collection to highlight in this article. This is by no means an exhaustive list (and maybe at some point I’ll do a part two), but articles can’t go on forever. As I have no knowledge of art history, I’ve kept my descriptions short to let the art speak for itself. I’ve focused primarily on artists that use Instagram as a platform, because that is where I’ve built my body positive community, but I’ve thrown in a few bonus, non-instagrammers at the end! If you know of fat-positive artists that I didn’t list here, I’d love for you to message me their work! Even if I know about them, they may have fallen off my radar. I’ve also tried to focus on a variety of “erotic” levels; I think it’s important to show fat people being sexual, and also it’s important to show that nudity is not necessarily or inherently sexual. Finally, please keep in mind that I’ve kept this list in alphabetical order, because I didn’t even want to start trying to rate them as “favorites” or “best” or anything of the sort.

Warning, much of the following art is NSFW.

We’re going to start with artists who have Instagram Accounts to share! Some even have websites and Etsy stores!

@_littleblackdog: https://www.etsy.com/shop/mismatchedblackmagic

This account is not exclusively fat-bodies, but it is very body-positive. It shows lots of different sizes and shapes, including things like stretch marks, uneven breast size, and trans bodies. They are mostly faceless, which I often like because you can mentally put whatever face you want with the body; your own, your lover’s, etc. Their drawings often have muted, monochrome bodies with brighter backgrounds.

@Ansleyadamsart: https://www.ansleyadams.com/
Ansley’s beautiful women are such a pleasure to have pop up in my feed. The two things I know to expect are soft bellies and flowers of some sort in the background. It makes me want to be in one of her paintings, naked in the wildflowers, napping under a tree.

@art.brat.comics: https://artbratcomics.bigcartel.com/
These cartoonish figures are what I would be like as a cartoon. They’re fat, they’re sassy, they’re dressed mostly comfortably, and they often have unshaved legs!

@bopoillustrator: https://www.bopoillustrator.com/
While I’d searched out fat art on other platforms for years, Paola was one of the first body positive artists I started following on Instagram. She does both drawings of real life people (me included!), and fun little body posi babes. She has several different styles, so it’s fun to see the variety.

@cb_sculpture: not all art, drawings and sculptures, prehistoric fertility goddesses, https://www.chrissybrownsculpture.com/
Chrissy is one of the few artists in my collection that works in sculpture as well as as 2D art. Her Instagram is also peppered with selfies, cat pictures, but mostly it’s photos of her clay sculptures, as well as felted little femmes. She also posts drawings and paintings using various media, which is clearly inspired by and/or the inspiration for the sculptures.