[Editor’s Note: This is the third part of a four part series! So, we have re-used Anneka’s introduction and changed the artwork! If you can not view nudity with the computer you’re on, please scroll no further. If you enjoy what you see, look for some additional sites coming out by the end of 2019 featuring Fat Positive Art from Bold Media!]

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By Anneka Morgan, @booksandbras

One of the best ways to see what a culture values is to view its art. Art gives insight into what a culture deems beautiful, the lenses a culture has, the blinders a culture has, the truths a culture believes. In this way, finding the world of fat positive art had a huge impact on me; I could finally see myself as worthy of being put on a canvass. I’ve put together a compilation of some of my favorite fat positive artists, picking two pieces from their collection to highlight in this article. This is by no means an exhaustive list (and maybe at some point I’ll do a part two), but articles can’t go on forever. As I have no knowledge of art history, I’ve kept my descriptions short to let the art speak for itself. I’ve focused primarily on artists that use Instagram as a platform, because that is where I’ve built my body positive community, but I’ve thrown in a few bonus, non-instagrammers at the end! If you know of fat-positive artists that I didn’t list here, I’d love for you to message me their work! Even if I know about them, they may have fallen off my radar. I’ve also tried to focus on a variety of “erotic” levels; I think it’s important to show fat people being sexual, and also it’s important to show that nudity is not necessarily or inherently sexual. Finally, please keep in mind that I’ve kept this list in alphabetical order, because I didn’t even want to start trying to rate them as “favorites” or “best” or anything of the sort.

Warning, much of the following art is NSFW.

@feminelogram: https://society6.com/feminelogram

Not all of Nick’s subjects are plus size, but there are still a fair amount of belly rolls. One of my favorite things about his paintings, many of which are real people and some well-known subjects, are some of their don’t-give-a-fuck expressions. It’s such an inspiration for “look at me or don’t, love me or don’t, I don’t care, and I don’t need your approval.” I also appreciate that he has some portraits of older women, which I would love to see more of.

@gigipriceless: gigipriceless@gmail.com

Like many other artists here, Gigi’s drawings are not all plus size, but very celebratory of diversity. There are stretch marks, body hair, LGBTQ representation, and many different skin tones. I personally love the apple shaped girl with flasses and a flower crown because she reminds me so much of me!

@neoqlassicalart: Disney princesses, https://www.neoqlassicalart.com/

Crystal is probably most well known for her plus size Disney Princesses, but she also does commissions, and the occasional super hero or other character (most recently, Santa!). She even drew me in one of my favorite dresses 😊 I love the bright backgrounds she uses, as well as the curlicue knees, and the joy and respect she imbues into each of her drawings.

@nigelrudkinart: http://www.positivelynude.com/

As his website suggests, Nigel’s subjects are exclusively nude, but unlike many other artists, they are not necessarily sexual. In the ones that are a bit sexual, it’s clear that it is for their own enjoyment, not the viewers. The ladies in his drawings are unapologetically embracing their bodies in all their different forms.

@pierre_rutz: No website, pierre.rutz@gmail.com

Most of Pierre’s subjects are not what I would consider actually fat, but they are definitely curvy, with curves that don’t necessarily fall in the societal ideal of “perfect curves.” He has different styles of drawing; some are faceless, some are more detailed and realistic. He also includes a lot of variation in race/ethnicity.

@ruben_esq: sexy giggly, https://www.zazzle.com/rubenesq

The ladies depicted in this account are most definitely sexy, and they want you to know it! Most of them are smiling or laughing, enjoying their sensuality or giving a come-hither look. This is a great account for when I need a boost of sexy self-confidence, as looking at these ladies flaunting the beauty of bigger women just makes me want to scream “yes girl work it!!!”