We’re still posting about our amazing vendors! Kandi Koated by Danielle is going to be one of our vendors who is putting some fun stuff in our goodie bags during the Love Yourself Weekend in NYC! Danielle Pavony of Kandi Koated is definitely excited about meeting everyone! Let’s chat about what she does!

At Kandi Koated, they believe your makeup products should highlight your natural beauty so you can feel confident and fierce.  This luxury cosmetic line is designed to complement all skin tones, with colors for casual daytime wear and knockout evening looks that celebrate beauty in all its diversity! Additionally, Kandi Koated is 100% cruelty-free.

So excited to hang with Danielle during the Love Yourself weekend!

Danielle has also written an amazing post about makeup HERE: https://www.boldzine.com/2019/01/10/no-filter-a-guest-editorial-by-danielle-pavony/

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