We’ve had this conversation, before… right? Plus women make up 68% of the US population… so why are they so underrepresented in media? Well.. President and founder of Mederios Public Relations, Emma Medeiros is ready to change all of that!

“I chose to specialize in the plus size fashion industry because, although plus size people make up the majority of the population, we (and our purses) have been greatly ignored until recently. Now that that’s finally shifting and the power of the plus size movement is being realized, I am determined to give plus size designers, models, photographers, etc, the voice that they deserve!” – Emma Medieros

Medeiros Fashion PR is also a proud founding member of the PR Couture Council. PR Couture has been THE go-to resource for fashion and lifestyle communication professionals and brands since 2006 and the PR Couture Council is a 12-member group of fashion PR agency owners who are breaking barriers in the fashion industry.

Medieros is a powerhouse with clients ranging from Ashley Nell Tipton Designs to Michele Lawson-Bert. We’re so glad to be linking up with her soon (not soon enough) to interview her about her motivation and why she decided to kick major public butt for the plus universe!