I remember when I asked my girlfriend to the prom, senior year. I sent her a bouquet of roses with a blank card that said…

“Prom… you in?”

And, those flowers were a BIG DEAL!

Well, proms have certainly evolved. And, so has the way we ask our partners. Over the past few years, the Prom-Posal has become… well… a thing. What’s a Prom-Posal?

Well the Wiktionary defines it as:


promposal (plural promposals)

(informal) An invitation, especially one which is made in an elaborate manner, in which the invitee is asked to accompany the inviter to a prom.

Why is this relevant? A few reasons!

  1. Crave Las Vegas is hosting an Adult Prom (Saturday April 13th – Club Night- Adult Prom)
  2. Bold Magazine is helping them promote their event
  3. If you send us your Prom-Posal, you can win a Bold Magazine Goodie bag for you and your date!

How to enter:

  1. Ask someone to the prom
  2. Make it snazzy or funny!
  3. Film that hell out of it!
  4. Join one of our facebook groups
  5. Send us the video on one of our facebook groups!
  6. Buy a ticket to the prom for you and your date!

Enjoy the show!

Here are our Facebook group links!



Crave is one of the many size acceptance clubs around the United States. But, with a very upscale clientele, a family environment, and some really cool perks like photo booths and champagne toasts during special events!

Crave is a women owned company hosting size acceptance events in Las Vegas, Nevada.  They promote a positive atmosphere to network, dance, drink, and socialize with beautiful women and men of all sizes.

Come party with us in an energetic and fun environment!” – Crave, Las Vegas

Read more at:



Let's see your Prom-Posal!
Bold and Crave are teaming up for this Prom-Posal Contest! Christopher and Aby are available for prom-posals 😛