Sigh… Candice Christian… sometimes there are models who you can look at and not cry… and sometimes their sheer beauty makes you want to hop on a plane to Florida with a camera and a dress. Oh, you don’t know Candice? Well, check her out in the latest edition of Bold Magazine’s Mini-Zine from the Love Yourself Weekend

Candice has been nominated for “Best Plus Model” at the 2nd Annual Fashion Gala Awards!

All of the categories include Best Plus Model, Best Kid Model, Best Male Model, Best Standard Model, Best Host, Best Boutique, Best Esthetician, Best Kid Designer, Best Model Coach, Best Fashion Designer, Best Hairstylist, Best Makeup Artist, and Best Photographer. Wow! We love it!

“Ms. B, CEO Of Ms. B Productions, has a FABULOUS fashion weekend planned for everyone!!!!!” – Candice Christian

The Gala Awards weekend begins with a “kick off” party, a meet and greet with ALL the nominees, live interviews and entertainment, and a cook off! The event is March 8th at 7 p.m. at the DGBEK Studios at 4677 LB McLeod Rd. Suite I, Orlando, FL.

Candice Christian nominated for Best Plus Model in Orlando
Candice Christian is nominated for Best Plus Model at this year’s 2nd Annual Gala Fashion Awards

The next event is the Trunk Show! It will include a fashion showcase of designers, and vendors. Designers showcasing include; VMS, Jaylani’s Boutique, Polished Boutique Designs, Glow by GCW, Rex D, Innas Designs, S-M Custom, Art Elio Atelier, Mozella Malone Collection, Denisha Designs, Vintage Fusion, Tangy Creations, and Melanie Caballero. The event is March, 9th at the Imperial Design Banquet Hall at 7468 W Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL.

The FINAL event of the weekend is of course the Fashion Gala Award Show! The final show is March, 10th at 5 p.m. at the Imperial Design Banquet Hall at 7468 W Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL.

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