Hey! You! Wonderful, glorious, beautiful you! Have you been wondering how you can become one of our “Official Bold Babes?” Well, it’s not like we just hand out that title so easily! Our “Official Bold Babes” like









And Gabby

All do something extraordinary! They are first time models pioneering into art and culture, youtube Vloggers amassing crowds, Size Acceptance Club Owners, Fashion Show Owners, Makeup stylistst, etc!

So, how can you join our girl gang of awesome? It’s going to be a lot of fun! We’ll show you how! Over the next 4 weeks, we’d like to hear from you by way of blogging, Instagramming, and YouTubing. Here are the steps that we’ll also announce on our social media:

Valerie is an Official Bold Babe and got to attend an event with Sarah Sapora for free!

Week 1- Post a picture of yourself on Instagram and use the hashtags #officialboldbabe. You also need to tag @boldmz

Week 2- Repost our graphic on Instagram doing the same thing as above

Week 3- Post a picture of something you LOVE to do on instagram and use the hashtag #lys2020 and tag @boldmz

Week 4- Post a photo of ANYONE else who has used the above hashtags and tell the world why they are bold! Using the hashtag #showusyourbold

All participants must also send a youtube video telling us why they are bold and a short blog post about something body positive! We’ll share the best ones on our site! Bonus Points if you:

  • Join our Facebook Community Group
  • Wear Purple in your posts and hashtag #painttheworldpurple

How do we decide who is going to be an official Bold Babe? It’s Easy!

  1. We look at your social media likes, brand, and engagement. Not just numbers, but how it’s all presented! Social media is an important part of our brand!
  2. We also look at the things you do in the body positive world! Do you write? Film? Read? Embrace? Advocate? Tell us in your posts!
  3. We also like to see if you have something cool to say by way of blog or youtube video. We interview all of our “Official Bold Babes” and encourage them to write for our magazine!

What does an “Official Bold Babe” do? Well that’s up to you! Some of our “Official Bold Babes” have full time jobs and families and can’t participate as much as we’d like. Some do more! But they:

  1. Post on social media with us
  2. Collaborate on projects
  3. Write guest articles
  4. Pose for our magazine
  5. Get featured on our site and social media
Aby Deal, one of the Original “Official Bold Babes”

What does an “Official Bold Babe” get in return? Again, it all depends on involvement. But, our “Official Bold Babes” get things like:

  1. Free admission to events we host or partner on
  2. Free Bold Babe swag
  3. Products from our sponsors
  4. Notoriety and recognition in our publications!

So, if you’re ready to be an “Official Bold Babe,” we want to hear from you! Find out how you can get involved today!

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