What is experiential shopping? We’ve been saying for years that it’s the way we NEED to shop. You can buy a television online. But, to sit on a couch and preview it with a sound system and some Doritos? That’s experiential shopping!

Well… more or less. It also involves some personal touch, lots of information, and multiple ways to see yourself using the product you like before you buy.

We got a chance to hang with 11 Honore and SLiNK Magazine during their Experiential Shopping Event at New York Fashion Week. And we LOVED it. Some major influencers like Le’Tecia Thomas, Ady Del Valle, Michele Kay, Sarah-Jane Reign, and Candice Christian were there. Not to mention, the founder of SLiNK Magazine, Rivkie Baum! Renee Cafaro, US Editor was an incredible host and we may have overloaded on some of those blueberry tarts. But, we steered clear of more than one champagne… we had to drive home!

A special Thank You to Renee and Rivkie for always thinking of us during events like these. We are all about inclusivity. And, while they are much larger and prettier than us, we are so glad that they have welcomed us into the world of plus media with open arms. We can’t thank you enough, boss babes!

11 Honore (sorry guys, we can’t get the darn accent to show up) is a size inclusive shopping site that carries very high end designers from Christian Siriano to Marc Jacobs. SLiNK has partnered with them often to both conduct market research to help them select and talk to designers as well as shop styles and bridge the gap between store and consumer. Cafaro has told me that they have been much more…. shall we say… politely aggressive… with their designers, making sure that they are catering to real plus sizes and extended sizes. And their designers have been happy to get the feedback and providing these items to consumers they know will buy.

Oh… we made a video documenting the event. It’s below!