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[Editor’s Note: Featured Image is from a Pool Party at a Size Acceptance Event hosted by our friends at Curves Events]

If you haven’t seen the new Hulu original Shrill featuring Aidy Bryant you have to check it out! I am absolutely loving seeing all these plus positive story lines that are coming out in the media. One extreme positive that’s coming from this show is something that I keep skimming the comments in various plus size fashion groups or the fat girls traveling group on Facebook for. Reading the reviews and comments about how other women felt like they’re being SEEN finally as a result and never heard of events like this and do they really exist? LADIES – These events exist all over! Portland hosts an event called the chunky dunk every year and every “bbw” bash or size acceptance event I’ve been to in warmer weather hosts an pool party or several, where the scene of the girls dancing without worry, or care for how their arms jiggle or legs are portrayed, that actually happens! This is not a drill, I repeat, SIZE ACCEPTANCE EVENTS EXIST.

I’ll go into that in more detail in a minute, but I want to talk about that pool scene in particular… First of all, shout out to my fellow bold babe Justine Kay for representing a plus size body in a 2 piece DANCING and living her best life ON freaken camera! #soproud – I was holding back tears watching this scene. I myself felt like this show was so relatable to my own awakening I experienced a year ago now.

A collage of my own transformative experience with size acceptance events in 2018

While I actually attended my first size acceptance event in February last year with my Vancouver best friend and the co-owner of Plush BBW, I didn’t attend a pool party and wear my first bikini until Cocoa Beach, Florida last May at the Plus Dimensions bash. My friend told me I’d be in a safe place if I decided to wear a two piece, as many did, and I was not mislead! I was so happy to see the pool was FULL of big beautiful women, mostly in two piece swim suits, and the area by the pool with people dancing and living their lives, unapologetic-ally.

This was an major milestone in part of my own confidence awakening and what continued to drive me to step out of my comfort zone and even to create a joint movement with Bold Magazine #CardiganstoBikinis that highlights these type of experiences . It was eye opening to see so many big, beautiful, women were able to drop those fears and allow their stomach be exposed and just enjoy themselves. The scene with Aidy Bryant at the pool in jeans, I saw myself in that moment, because that was me two years ago and while my experiences happened slowly over time, and then quickly all at once, I felt that.Aidy Bryant sits by the pool in scene of Hulu Original, Shrill

I’m hopeful we continue to see more plus positive events and experiences highlighted in mainstream media. It helps shed the light on the type of events that already take place in the US now for people who were not already aware. As far as attending size acceptance events goes, it’s important to highlight that everyone’s experience is different and you need to find the right avenues for stepping out of your comfort zone. There are so many incredible options out there now, that I didn’t even know existed a year ago. Research EVERYTHING! Find the right vibe for what you’re looking to walk away from the event with. There are resources available to you and as always I’m available to discuss my experiences and guide you in the right direction! Just email me or send me a direct message on Facebook or Instagram.

As some of you know, attending these events has even driven me and pushed me to be apart of something more meaningful- which is why when my business partners Julie and Karen asked me to join Crave Las Vegas as a co-owner in hosting monthly club nights and community events for men and women of ALL sizes in October, I gladly accepted. Crave Size Acceptance Party “Green with Envy” held at Ninja Karaoke March 16th in Las Vegas, NV.

We host monthly events in Vegas and support and sponsor several organizations that host week long events though the year all over the US. Visit www.cravelv.com or check out our Facebook page for more information!

I’m going to highlight upcoming plus positive events below as well as resources for anyone considering attending an event. I would like to stress that there are SO many available options to attend events and this may not be an all inclusive list.

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