Plus women in fashion, media, and all things plus universe may seem to be a big deal to us… and you. But, in the grand scheme of what is out there in the mainstream, we don’t make as big of an impact as we’d like. Emma Medeiros of Medeiros Fashion PR is trying to change that by getting her clients the best possible exposure she can. Medeiros has clients who range in industry and popularity, like the Plus Queen of Project Runway, Ashley Nell Tipton and even our dear friend, Jamie Lopez of Babydoll Beauty. We got a chance to sit with Medeiros and discuss her company. Here’s how it went down:

Bold Magazine: Emma, you own the first Plus PR Fashion Agency in the US. Wow! But, what does that mean? Tell us what you do?

Emma Medeiros: We offer a wide variety of services such as press outreach, social media assistance, partnership development with other brands, and connection with designers, photographers, and other plus professionals. For example, if one of our designers comes out with a new collection, we reach out to the press to get them interviews and features which will hopefully lead to more sales. Our full list of services may be found here: and people can schedule a free consultation with me at to learn which services would be best for them.

I have relationships with the press, designers, photographers, agents, etc, and I connect our clients to them to help get the word out about how fabulous they are. The bottom line is that no matter how amazing you are, you won’t be successful if no one knows who you are!

Bold Magazine: Very Cool! How did this all start? What prompted it? 

Emma Medeiros: I graduated from Emerson College with a degree in Marketing Communications around the same time that the plus industry was really starting to explode and I knew I wanted to work in PR in that field. At first, I decided to work for someone else so I could make all my mistakes on their watch before starting my own firm and I assumed I would have my pick of firms to work for that specialized in the plus size fashion industry. After several months of research, though, I couldn’t find a single one in the US! While there are many fashion PR firms that may or may not have a plus size client or two, there were none that specialized in it. We can’t have that! Thus, Medeiros Fashion PR was born.

Bold Magazine: We dig it! So, we saw you at NY Fashion Week a few weeks ago, rubbing elbows with some legends. What were the highlights? 

Emma Medeiros: Omg, I had so much fun this year! My favorite event had to be the 11Honore show, which was actually the official opening of New York Fashion Week. It’s the first shopping site that sells high-end, red carpet styles for plus size women, which are very hard to find! All the “who’s who” of the plus size fashion industry was there and I was really happy to see a truly diverse range of models on the runway; not only sizes but a good variety of Caucasian, Hispanic, black, and even Asian models. 

Bold Magazine: You know we are all about diversity. Emma, what has the response been so far to what you’re doing? From clients? Publications? Etc?

Emma Medeiros: Almost everyone has responded very positively; they love that I’m helping plus sizes have an equal voice! A few people have accused me of “promoting obesity” because they don’t understand what true body positivity is. I don’t think anyone can honestly argue with the fact that obesity is unhealthy from a medical standpoint and I’ve never once said that people should strive to accept it. What I do promote is the right for people of any size to dress fashionably because wearing flattering clothes that make me feel like a million bucks will make me want to exercise and eat better to keep that amazing feeling. If I drape myself in a shapeless muumuu dress, I will feel depressed and even bigger, so I may as well go to Ben & Jerry’s and pig out on 10 pints of ice cream!

Bold Magazine: Ugh! Girl, trust me. We hear you! What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced? And the best opportunity you’ve found through your journey?

Emma Medeiros: The biggest challenge has probably been the transition to being my own boss. The best thing about it? I can do whatever I want. The worst thing about it? I can do whatever I want! There’s no one to write me up if I’m late or if a project doesn’t get done so it takes a lot of discipline to hold myself accountable when no one is watching.

Bold Magazine: Yes! Still, there must be some learning curves, I’m sure. What was one thing that you loved learning throughout this process?

Emma Medeiros: Lord, there have been many learning curves! One of the things I loved learning the most was that it’s 100% OK to ask for help. While that may sound obvious to some, in the beginning, I felt that I was the professional so I should know everything and not have to ask anyone’s advice even when I was stuck. Thankfully, I finally woke up to the fact that nobody knows everything, no matter how long they’ve been in business, and it’s absolutely acceptable and even encouraged to ask for help. Once I got over that fear, my business literally took off like a rocket.

Emma Owns Medeiros Fashion PR

Emma owns Medeiros Fashion PR

Bold Magazine: We feel you on that! We are always learning. Can you tell us a positive story about someone you helped through Medeiros Fashion PR?

Emma Medeiros: I had reconnected with a girl I knew from high school through Facebook a while back and she wrote me the sweetest message about how she’d always wanted to model but never had the courage or self-confidence until she saw what I was doing. I’m happy to say that she’s now a successful plus model and I’m so honored that I helped her reach her goals.

Bold Magazine: Damn Emma! Look at you inspiring! Now, what can we expect from you in 2019? And, what’s the end goal? 

Emma Medeiros: This year, the main goal is to move from Boston to NYC. As much as I love Boston, there’s simply no comparison to NYC when it comes to opportunities in the fashion industry, especially the plus size industry. I’m also looking to build up Ask Emma, the weekly PR tips and tricks video series that we host with Halema from Hamilam TV ( It airs every Sunday at 9 PM EST on Facebook Live and we talk about different PR solutions for any small business, not just those in the fashion industry. It’s been on the air now for a few months and we have lots of regular viewers, which makes me so happy because that means they’re growing from our advice!

My end goal would be to make plus size fashion truly equal with straight size fashion. There’s absolutely no reason for them to be separate, and, once I accomplish that, I can die a happy woman!

Medeiros is one Bad Ass Bold Boss

Emma Medeiros is a Bad Boss Bold Babe

Bold Magazine: NYC! We love it! You can take our offices when we move! Speaking of moving, where do you see plus fashion going by 2025? How do you plan on staying involved and relevant? 

Emma Medeiros: I definitely see plus size fashion in more brick and mortar stores; right now straight size retailers often have plus sizes available on their website only, which sucks because plus women really need to try things on and end up returning things much more frequently due to lack of a proper fit than straight size women. I also see more brands catering to all sizes, not just straight or plus, and I plan on staying relevant by keeping up with trends, both in the plus fashion industry and in public relations, and especially attending more events, which will become easier once I live in NYC since that’s where most of them are held.