We’ve been fielding and reading a lot of great articles and quotes about the television show, Shrill, with Aidy Bryant. There’s one particular scene that we love: When Annie decides to head to a pool party for size acceptance. If you have read some of our articles or have attended events we’ve supported, you know that this isn’t a new concept. But, to some, size acceptance events are completely new ideas.

“Bashing” or size acceptance events have been around for years. We have a great article coming out in our print mag that supports the events and talks about the ones who do it best. But, if you want to learn about one the pioneers of size acceptances events or “Bashes,” please look no further.

Brie Brown, founder of Well Rounded BBW and now owner of Brie’s Pop Up Parties has been hosting events since 1992. She was only the THIRD size acceptance event owner in the world. Wow! We need to find one and two and get some coffee! But, that’s impressive.

It wasn’t easy for Brown.

“Getting people at first was hard, I was bold and approached every fat girl and guy that that gave me a once over and gave them one of my homemade postcards.” – Brie Brown

Her Rise in Size Acceptance 

People didn’t always have computers or email like they do now. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. Brie went one by one and got them to sign up on her mailing list and sent out a newsletters once a month and a postcards, 2 weeks later to keep eveyrone’s attention. Her first event had 156 people and slowly eventually, about 225 every other week.

“We’d dance till 2:00 am then moved over to the indoor pool and partied till 5:00 am, it was a crazy fun time and life changing at the same time.” – Brie Brown

Then, something HUGE happened. The Boston Globe heard of Brown and her events.  They attended and did an interview. They took tons of photos and gave her publicity she hadn’t seen.

“Next thing I know me and my events were a featured article, that brought more media from everywhere around the world, a Japanese news paper flew in to interview me and see my parties.” – Brie Brown

So How did Bold Magazine Not Hear of Her for a year or so We’ve been bashing?

Well Rounded BBW has been in the “Bash World” since 1992

Brown hosted parties well into the 2000s. She took a single year off, the very year that Bold started attending Size Acceptance events.

“I took one year off because at the time that I would normally sign a contract I was having some health issues. I put my heart and soul in every event, I give 100% and at that time I felt I didn’t have it to give, I’m a perfectionist so I don’t settle for less because we deserve the very best. But now I’m back, and lookout because I’m very eager and had lots of time to strategize. Big things are coming.” – Brie Brown

So what are those big things?

With that extra year to strategize, Brie Brown has changed her company name from “Well Rounded BBW” to “Bries Pop Up Party.” We love this concept. Brown plans to pop all over the country. She won’t be staying in one place!

“A long time ago I had a boss that would always ask ‘would you sign your name to every thing you do?’ Well I’m signing my name and I’m proud to bring you Brie’s Pop Up Party… I’m going everywhere there’s a need, watch out world, here I come.” – Brie Brown 

We’re excited to catch up with Brie Brown soon. In the meantime, you can check her website out below for an early bird special price! Here you go:

Find out more at http://briespopupparties.com

And Be bold!