Ugh… we kind of hate the whole “Model Monday” thing. Why does it have to be Model Monday? Can’t it just be Monday? But apparently all of the other sites and mags do it. So, we’ll engage.

But, if you’re going to read a “Model Monday” post from Bold, it’s going to be unique. Enter “Kendal Blair” or @kendal_Killzz on Instagram. We are posting all of her links below. Kendal is an up and coming influencers in Louisiana who has just recently started to use the #transisbeautiful hashtag on her profile, embracing and speaking openly about her history and transition.  

“I am a woman first…Who happens to be transgender and plus. The thing about me is that you cannot look at me and tell. So I don’t have to tell people. I choose to…To inspire other people like me. I think I am different than most people in my situation because I was born this way. I was born with natural female hormones. I have always looked and talked like a girl. I also never went through puberty.” _ Kandal Blaire

Kendal has been making new insta-friends and gaining in followers. The 24 year old Trans Plus Influencer has also been doing a ton of shoots and we’re so glad to say that she’s been tagging us. We feel pretty awesome when we see her notifications up on our screen!

“I never thought that I could find so many people who understand me and want to get to know me. My followers and internet friends are always there for me. It is still crazy to think that I can inspire someone to be who they want to be, or wear what they want to wear regardless of what other might think. I have gotten so many messages of people either trans or plus telling me how much I have helped them and that is why I do what I do. My brand is all about self-love and acceptance.” – Kendal Blaire

What a coincidence! So is ours! And about her transition?

“Here I am 10 years later. Still happy with who I am. I have come so far.” – Kendal Blaire

We agree, Kendal, no matter how far you’ve come. We’re proud to feature you at Bold! Kendal pushes self-love and doesn’t like the notion of “dressing for your size.” We agree, girl. Where what you want!

Well, we caught up with Blaire and we’re happy to say that she’ll be on our site soon in both writing and on our “Bold-Cast.” We’ll be chatting about modeling, sexuality, dating as a trans plus woman, and her amazing sense of fashion. So please watch out for her. And Be BOLD!

Kendal Killzz…. literally!