While politics has always been a hot topic throughout the decades, it has become an increasingly volatile topic with the ever growing use of social media in society. Arguments have become more common than ever amongst several different mediums of media such as blogs and social websites but none will ever be more prevalent than television. Such was the case earlier this week on ABC’s wildly popular daytime talk show, “The View,” as co-stars Meghan McCain and Joy Behar entered a heated debate regarding the growing popularity of potential Democratic presidential candidate and gay mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg.

The discussion began with McCain referring to a current NBC/Wall Street Journal poll indicating many Americans would be satisfied with a gay president. However, interestingly enough, as McCain pointed out, only 25 percent of Americans would favor a socialist as their president:

“It’s interesting this NBC/Wall Street Journal poll talked about characteristics voters find enthusiastic or what they’re comfortable with,” McCain said.

“The top of the list are African-Americans, second a white man, third a woman and fourth gay/lesbian. It’s not nearly as taboo as I think maybe old adages may have thought.

“What I also found fascinating was at the very bottom, only 25 percent of Americans are comfortable with a socialist becoming president.”

Joy Behar, McCain’s co-host, added that voters will “come around” on socialism as they develop a better understanding of what it is and how it works, which set off an intense debate between the two hosts.

“People are smart,” McCain stated, to which Behar retorted: “So am I.”

After a series of passionated points, including Behar pondering if her co-host was questioning her intelligence, McCain lamented: “I miss Whoopi [Goldberg] when she’s not here.”

Goldberg, another co-host, was not on Tuesday’s show.

McCain wrapped up the tense segment by saying: “I’m just trying to explain… Democratic Socialists could be leading you toward the path of Trump getting re-elected. Instead, I’m told I don’t understand what a Democratic Socialist is. I assure you, Joy, I do.”

Political debates are commonplace so this really isn’t anything to be taken out context or read into too deeply. This is simply two adults having an intense discussion. The tension may not have been the most ideal for a daytime talk show but it’s normal for co-hosts to have disagreements. Things will most likely smooth over by the next show.