We’ve been tracking the Crave group since their inception, mid-2018. Three empowered plus women who put together monthly events and meetups to change the way plus women party… much different from your typical size acceptance group, Crave Las Vegas really fosters community, themed dances, and we love following their success!

Well, this weekend is setting up to be the most exciting event yet! The Crave Adult Prom is selling out fast! People from all over the country are flying in, today. We’ve been shopping for tuxes and dresses. Media outlets are covering the Hollywood Themed Adult Dance. And, there are even various contests and competitions to win prizes from Bold Magazine!

If you’re thinking about attending the prom, don’t wait! Crave is selling tickets fast! Go to www.cravelv.com for tickets! We’re also excited that they will be sponsoring our vision board session at our Love Yourself Brunch.

We can’t stay for much longer, writing this post! We have to pick up our corsages and get our tux ready. But, we’ll see you there! BE BOLD!