Amanda LaCount is a professional in every sense of the word. She’s a professional dancer, hair-whipper, and most important of all, spirit uplifter.

LaCount is the very definition of inspiration held up by a fiery determination that has led her to defy the odds time and time again throughout the course of her life. The passionate 16-year-old has since taken not only Los Angeles, but the entire country by storm with her dazzling performances and peppy personality. She has been repeatedly overcoming obstacles by being innovative and rejecting what most of the world would consider to be the “traditional” dancer mindset.

After having been told more times than she cares to remind herself that she was “too fat” to be a successful dancer, LaCount, at the age of 13, decided to move from Colorado to Los Angeles in hopes of leaving the weight stereotypes behind in order to follow her dream of becoming a professional dancer.

LaCount has discovered more than her own share of success since moving to L.A. having launched her own movement called #breakthestereotype on social media which advocates body positivity as well as the belief that anyone, regardless of shape or size, can be a dancer. When asked by Savior Flair what her message to the world is, LaCount said:

“Don’t be afraid to reach for your dreams. If you love it, do it. It’s as simple as that. Don’t let society’s hang-ups stop you from reaching for the stars.”

Having garnered over 70 million videos on her videos, her talents have earned LaCount guest appearances on world-renowned shows such as “Dancing With the Stars,” “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” as well as starring in award-winning singer Katy Perry’s music video, “Swish Swish.”

Not one to let the negativity of body-shamers discourage her from reaching her goals, LaCount hopes that by breaking the age-old stereotype that dancers must be skinny she can inspire courage in others to believe in themselves and display their own special qualities instead of exhausting themselves mentally and physically to accommodate to the rigid views of others.