Plus-size model Tess Holliday has had to deal with trolls most of her career. In an essay for InStyle, she wrote about how she wakes up to messages every day telling her how unhealthy she is, and how her weight is “dangerous.”

Boasting over 1.8 million followers on Instagram, Holliday has often posted messages advocating body positivity as well as campaigning against photo editing apps and programs.

With many years of experience being in the public eye, Holliday has found a more productive way to deal with the hateful and judgmental comments she gets online each day.

A prime example is when a girl sent her a negative message telling the model how she hated her and was disgusted by her. Upon checking the girl’s profile and discovering that she was struggling with an eating disorder, instead of simply attacking her with the same disdain and negativity, Holliday chose to support her with love and compassion to which the girl thanked her with all her might.

LIKe all of us at some point, the acclaimed plus model has her days when she doesn’t feel like dealing with internet trolls as she realized that the negativity isn’t worth it with how much work she put into loving herself. She simply turns herself off from it by muting people or just deleting it altogether.

“I can’t live life being miserable, because I could die tomorrow. And then what — I was miserable because I was fat? What a waste.”

Holliday, per The Insider

Holliday also discussed how modeling has changed her perspective on herself as before she began modeling she could never find suitable clothes that she felt like she looked good or sexy in. She says:

“Now I feel the most on top of my game when I’m at a photo shoot,” she said. “I thrive in that space because I know I am the person I always dreamed of being. And I’m creating something that’s going to be around much longer than me, something that brings more visibility to the world so little kids and women feel represented.” 

So while she gets negative messages every day, her reality is so much more than that. 

“I’ll also think about going to New York, staying at a fancy hotel, and wearing a custom dress by Christian Siriano,” she said. 

“My life is only getting better.”

If Demi Lovato and Chrissy Teigen’s responses to their weight weren’t examples enough, then Tess Holliday is definitely showing that spreading love and compassion is far more precious than casting senseless hate and negativity for no reason. You shouldn’t tolerate disrespect but you also don’t have to always respond to it in the same manner. We should all do our best to understand each other more because you never know what struggles she someone is dealing with every day.