Hey, where has our CEO Christopher Salute been with properties like:

  • Bold Without Boundaries
  • The Bold-Cast
  • Plus Universe Roundup

And other awesome articles? Well… we’ve been doing so much ramping up for the summer of events, publications, etc! But, don’t be mistaken! We have a few guest writers who are producing some seriously awesome content!

Check our event calendar to see how you can get involved and meet us! And, be on the look-out for our incredible new:

  • E-Zine
  • Mini-Mag
  • Print Magazine

Coming out this summer! We also have a SUITE of new sites entering the web for you! Everything from dating to diversity to events will be covered in our new sites Are you excited? We are. And, don’t worry, we’re still SO BOLD!

[Featured Image is of Stephanie Williams from our Love Yourself Weekend]