Happy Tuesday y’all! Size Acceptance events are not new! We know this. We’ve written about it… over… and over… And there are some people doing some great things in the space, which we love! Check out groups like Curves New Jersey, Crave Las Vegas, Southern Charmz, Brie’s Pop Up Party, Living Large Chicago and even your own Bold Magazine for some incredible size acceptance and plus positive events! There’s also a group called NAAFA which throws the only conference style gathering (to date) centered are fat acceptance.

But, has anyone JUST thrown a pool party? Hmm… we have had a hard time figuring it out.

Figure no more! Our dear friend, Official Bold Babe, and all around baddy entrepreneur, Aby Deal. you can find her site here:


The “Curvy Chic Chick” is throwing a Curvy Confidence Pool party in Las Vegas in June, on the 8th! We’re excited to say that we are supporting and sponsoring her Mimosa Hour to kick off the party!

The event begins at 1PM but the power hour of women supporting women begins a bit earlier. We’re going to be covering more about this event as it unfolds, but there are already sponsors lined up, free giveaways, and a really inspiring group already attending!

If you’re in Las Vegas in June, this is NOT one to miss! Be bold!

Were you aware that you can head to an awesome directory of events at:

http://www.shapelyevents.com/ ?

Editor and CEO Iya is always up on the hottest events. And, you’ll find some of ours there too!

Other Resources for great size acceptance events: