Happpppy Monday Bold Babes and Bold Readers. We have to apologize. It’s been SO long since the “Official Bold Babes” contest started and we’re still configuring the results. To be clear, we have a full committee of awesomeness who are making the final decision. And, we’re really excited to hear what they have to say!

Our contest winners will be discussed (not judged because we’re not here to judge) on some pretty cool categories including:

  • Profession outside of influencing (we love people who have interesting stories to tell!)
  • Diversity
  • Message and Branding (do they tell a story that’s super cool?)
  • Then then some boring stuff like “did they use the right hashtags” etc.

But, we’re sooooo excited to welcome some more “Bold Babes” into our body positive and fat acceptance family!

In the meantime, we know we’re slowing down on writing for our new relaunch. But, we are writing up some awesome news about:

  • Events like the DFW Bash, and NAAFA’s 50th anniversary conference!
  • Events we’re hosting like our Dallas Love Yourself Brunch
  • Events we’re sponsoring like Brie’s Pop Up Party and the Curvy Confidence Kickoff Party!
  • The fact that it’s “International No Diet Day” today!




So stay tuned, We’re so glad we’re not blogging lately… Bah!