We think we need to do a new Plus Universe Roundup. It’s REALLY hard not to blog as much in May while we are working on our rebrand and operations. Sigh… writers love to write. But, also, there are SO many incredible things going on with the plus community that we need to share.

Here’s a start: Aby Deal, Official Bold Babe and Entrepreneur is starting some new ventures! You know her from her time at Crave, Las Vegas. Aby has decided to make a big leap and begin her own brand: Curvy Confidence! She’s also been hosting Curvy Chats with Emily Kay, our Director of Events and Co-Owner of Curves. Kay, herself, has started her own brand in Luxe Meetups!

Wow, we really know how to find entrepreneurial friends!

The Curvy Confidence Brand is hosting their very own Pool Party this June… a la Aidy Bryant’s Shrill. And, we are happy to say that we are hosting the Mimosa Kickoff Party! Here’s more about the event:

“Calling all body positive individuals! We’re diving into summer dripping in confidence. Let’s celebrate the start of this beautiful Vegas summer by celebrating and supporting strong women and men with confident energy, and showing this city all bodies are beautiful! Join us for an fun body positive event. 2 piece swimsuit not required but encouraged! Music by DJ King Smash. $10 pool pass includes lunch, giveaways, photo ops, and pool games.”

The Pool Party is sponsored by women owned business Dirty Diva Entertainment and they will be hosting a “special ladies” only kick off party from 11am-1pm with free mimosas and a special mini body positive photo session sponsored by… you guessed it… Bold Magazine! Hooray!

Folks tend to ask questions when they see a brand like Bold next to Dirty Diva Entertainment, which is adult themed. We are so proud of Jennifer Cherry and her involvement with this event as a badass plus sized woman business owner. She works her butt off every day and if you ever saw her do business, you’d want her to be your coach!

In fact we interviewed Cherry about a year ago discussing disparity in wages between straight sized and plus sized talent! Was it risqué? Sure! Did we lose some sponsorships? We may have! But, if you listen to the interview, it was about the business, treating people with respect, and understanding how empowering it is for women to work for women. We are always careful in our writing and media, but we also believe that if there is a story to be told, we want to tell it. And, we have even hosted talks on sexuality in the plus universe and are planning a pretty cool session at one of our Love Yourself Brunches for women by women (even our CEO won’t be there… bye Christopher!)

Aidy Bryant of Shrill.. which is inspiring pool parties all over the country. Aby Deal is hosting the very first of this new group of empowering events in Las Vegas!

We can’t wait to see what the Curvy Confidence Pool Party turns into. Hopefully Aby hosts more than one! She’s already got some amazing brands lined up to sponsor and give way goodies! You’ll see Bold there along with some other incredible sponsors. We’ve been learning from Aby the ins and outs of event planning for this party and her house is full of amazon boxes of pool toys and bikinis. Trust me, we’ve been there. You’re going to kill it!

If you want to learn more, here are her links below!



Questions? Contact Aby directly at curvychicchick@gmail.com!