More to come from Bold Media

So, you’ve been reading a bit about our rebrand… or rather not reading about it… thinking about it? Daydreaming about it? Oh wait… that’s us.

Well, there are a few things on the way. You’ll note that our photos don’t load well on our site anymore. It’s because we’re hitting the capacity on our servers and because YOU wonderful human keep clicking… PLEASE don’t stop.

So, we’ll be updating our site with some new looks, new formats and new photos! We’re also adding some staff members to help us! So, what can you expect?

  • A new #cardiganstobikinis section where you show us how you’ve decided to accept your body in before and after shots (not weight loss pictures… perception change pictures!)
  • A new section called “Show Us Your Bold” where we discuss plus size women doing amazing things… from being a mother to climbing a mountain and everything in between
  • A new rebrand of our Large Women from the Internet platform (who knew this would be a red flag… not us!)
  • Some new sites focusing on the sized acceptance event world, dating, lessons in business, a personal blog from our CEO, etc.
  • Of course, our new Bold Brand Management Site
  • Some independent blogs from AWESOME writers you may not have read before
  • And more!

Of course, since today is Thursday and this is Mental Health Awareness Month…. our CEO has debuted his newest hashtag! We’d love to tell you about it! It’s called #thatpositivethursday and Christopher is asking a few people a week to spread positivity. So be sure to check all of our Instagram accounts so you can see it.

We’ve got some more news on the way, coming soon. Don’t run away! Keep checking back and BE BOLD!