Shapely Events, a Bold Resource, Can help Fill it!

When Bold first started attending Size Acceptance weekend events world, all we’d been exposed to for the first few years were fashion shows and conferences: Curvy Con, Full Figured Fashion Week, Miami Curves Week, etc.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Did you know that Miami Curves Week isn’t happening this year? We’re so upset. We were a media sponsor, last year. They were a great answer to Miami Swim Week, which doesn’t cater to plus at all from what we can see.

So, we started attending some “party-style” Size Acceptance events as well as what we were attending. Yes! You’ve seen us write articles about our favorites like Living Large Chicago, right? Well, for the first part of that year, all we kept thinking was “There needs to be a central location for these events!” Sure, you can head to Feabie, but that’s just one of the things that they do. And, some folks are uncomfortable with the origins of the site, which is somewhat understandable. We’ve found it to be a great learning experience in the world of fat acceptance and feederism amongst plenty of other community phrases and activities.

But, we digress. Finally, someone told us about Shapely Events. Have you heard of them?

Shapely serves as a one-stop source for plus-size friendly events. They are powered by a strong relationship with plus-size friendly groups and party planners. They review events, make promo videos, and you can list your upcoming events for a small fee. It’s a great please to go for the “what’s happening in plus” questions.

“At Shapely, we make it easy for our visitors to keep their social life fresh. Access to our site provides fun and friendly plus-size events, exciting news, and the ultimate list of parties, meet ups and trips.” – Shapely Events ‘About Us’ Page

A few months go by and we’re all just excited to check for their listings. Well, eventually, Jessica Heflin of Living Large introduces us to a woman named Iya. Iasantewaa “Iya” Thomas was hosting a fitness workshop at an event we attended. So, we’re hanging at the Brazilian Steakhouse and we ask:

“Hey Iya! Jessica seems to think we should meet. Why do you think that is?”

EDITOR’S NOTE: I’m an idiot.

And Iya says:

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because I’m hosting this fitness workshop for plus sizes.”

Cool. Cool. But, we’re wondering what else she does.

OH! She runs Shapely Events. Face palm!

We’ve been using ever since and we know our friends love it! In addition to providing a comprehensive listing of plus size events, they also sell body positive gear with their trademarked “Rock Your Rolls” campaign as well as others.  We even have a few (our personal favorite says “Chubby Guys Cuddle Better”)

They also have a team to assist with your event planning.  You can see the rest of their services HERE.

Remember that we don’t “Bash,” WE BOLD! And, that means building community and helping others. Iya and Shapely Events are definitely a group of awesome event professionals that we love supporting! Check their site to fill your calendar. And, BE BOLD!