And Other Bathing Suit News

Well, it’s National Swimsuit Day which is awesome! If you want to know where to strut your stuff, you should definitely check out Shapely Events and the article we wrote about their directory of plus positive parties and events this year!

For example, how about Aby Deal’s Curvy Confidence Pool Party straight up crushing it and being sold out? Apparently The Plus This! Show is going to host a live show there! Photo booths, champagne, vendors, snacks, oh my!

But unfortunately, with every emerging awesome brand, we hear some news about others. Shrill gets a second season? Dietland doesn’t get renewed.

Check out the latest from Miami Curves Week:

Today is National Bikini Day!

As creators of Miami Curves Week+ we took pride in celebrating the curves of women who were forgotten in many entertainment spaces and advertisement. We established a safe space for women to wear their swimsuits on one of the most beautiful beaches of the world. At MCW+ you were able to discover the latest swim fashion on and off the runway. Unfortunately, we have to announce the closing of this event. We want to take this time to thank everyone who participated in making it successful, from our sponsors to our attendees and everyone in between. As creatives we will continue to move forward with projects that push the underrepresented to the forefront, change the conversation in a meaningful way and challenge those around us to strive to be better for themselves and their community. Thank you again to everyone for all your support these past 3 years. -Sarah and Deana Williams

Unfortunately, that means that there is NO representation from the Plus Universe during Miami Swim Week in July… which makes us VERY sad. There are some other events you can go to like Miami Curves Fest in September. We are in talks to work with them

You may remember that Bold Magazine was the media sponsor at MCW+ and we loved it! Unfortunately, it was our first and last year attending. Should they put up a donation page, we hope you all visit. You can see their site below! We’ll miss you so much MCW+ and we support you 1000%. We’re here for you because you’re BOLD!