Essential Bodywear Review

A Guest Blog By Laken Henry

Okay Y’all. Can we talk about bras for a second?!  Why in the world can a plus size girl not walk into a store like Walmart or Target and find a bra that will fit her? I was in a pinch one afternoon and needed a bra quick, so I walked into a store trying to find a bra my size and let me tell you, it was the most stressful thing ever. I spent 30 minutes digging for a bra that was big enough to fit me. I ended up leaving with two different bras, neither of which fit when I got home.

Finding a bra shouldn’t be a stressful situation.  THANK GOODNESS for the Bra Fitting Superhero from Essential Bodywear! We all wear bras, so why shouldn’t it be an enjoyable experience for us? Essential Bodywear is a company that makes Bra shopping easy! No dreaded trips to the mall, no 3 way mirrors and no fluorescent lighting. Mobile Bra fitters bring their bra store to your door or offer fittings virtually like I did with Brittany! Literally, all I had to do was send her two measurements and an optional picture of me in my current bra. With that, she was able to pick out the perfect size for me.

Within a few days, I had two new amazing bras on my doorstep! I couldn’t wait to try them on! One bra was The Abbie Bra, which is the perfect  T-shirt bra and uses your body heat to soften over time making it crazy comfortable! It is available in sizes 32A to 38A and 32B-44H. The other bra was The Katie Bra, which is a low plunge bra that features a wide set base making it a wonderful choice for those whose breasts are set farther apart and is available in sizes 32B-44E!

Let me just tell y’all, I am IN LOVE! Both of the bras are so comfortable and the cups fit amazingly! Being a girl with different size breasts, I honestly have never had a bra where the cups fit perfectly-until now! The cups almost-like form to your breasts, so there is no extra unnecessary material poking through your shirt. The only downfall is the band size stops at a 44. So as the company is now, I am at the max for band size and it was a bit tight on me. I spoke with Brittany and she was so quick to help! She sent me two extenders and now they fit perfectly! I brought up my concern with her about the limited band sizes and she said it was something they will be adding as they continue to grow, maybe even as soon as this summer!

If you’ve tugged on your bra today, it’s probably the wrong size. Use code: THATLAKENGIRL to book a complimentary virtual fitting with Brittany. You’ll be able to see and feel the difference a great fit makes!