Happy Fat Fitness Friday from Bold Magazine and Superfit Hero!

If you’ve seen our instagram post today, then you know the news! We’ve asked Superfit Hero to partner with us to give you some goods in celebration of Fat Fitness Friday!

So, what do I do? It’s simple!

1- Post a photo doing something active

2- Tag us both! (@superfithero and @boldmz)

3- Hashtag #fatfitnessfriday

But, Bold Peeps… I have not a photo of myself being active. Or, perhaps I have a physical, psychological, or emotional reason that I cannot be…

No worries? What does activity mean to you? Tell us! Deep breathing? Meditation? Can you stretch? Do whatever makes you feel good and let us know why you chose that action!

We will be randomly selecting a winner and mailing you a prize (with your consent and after you’ve shared your address… that would be creepy otherwise.

Be you… and BE BOLD!

Thanks to Kristen Pickrell (@kristenpickrell) of Bold Brand Management for the featured photos today!