“This is My Sexy” starts up in North Carolina   

With our Big Dallas Brunch Event ramping up, we’re excited to announce a few of our sponsors that we’ve lined up! You’re going to be hearing a lot about our top sponsor, The Bubbly Bleu Boutique. In fact, they are presenting the entire event! But, in the meantime, we want to talk to you about our friends at “This is My Sexy.”

#ThisIsMySexy 💋  with an Instagram account of the same name started as a simple photoshoot and has blossomed into a nonprofit sisterhood of plus size women ready to make the next women feel great. Wow… Read. That. Again.

Their mission is to motivate women to get out of their comfort zones and experience new things, to educate on the importance of healthy body image,  and to empower women to feel confident in their current stage of life.

“Thorough social media and community events such as photoshoots, dance parties,  brunch , fitness classes and more we hope to empower all women of all sizes.” – Jaee, This Is My Sexy

Their name has a three part meaning, that they’ve explained:

  •  “This” : The current state or stage you’re in
  • “Is My” : Declaration/Ownership ( it belongs to you and is not influenced by other views)
  • “Sexy: Exciting / Desirable / Beautiful

We love it!!!!!!! Their initiatives include motivation, education, and empowerment. And you may see Bold Collaborating on an event or two with them. Yessssss! So Bold!